A healthy household involves a lot more than vacuuming the floors and dusting the furniture. To get a total clean, that will be beneficial to the health and well being of your loved ones, you can always count on QuickerCleaner to deep clean your carpet floors.

Our certified carpet cleaners are not going to merely steam clean your floors, but will also target those stubborn areas that are known hold a myriad of micro-organisms and dust.

Experience the quality of QuickerCleaner carpet cleaning solutions in Hollywood, you’re going to find out for yourself, what makes the difference between us and all our competitors is totally obvious.

Ironclad Guarantee

carpet-cleaning-hollywoodWe guarantee the quality of our work and strive for your complete satisfaction, and we will do everything possible to make this happen. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your carpeting, we will thoroughly clean the problem area a second time.

IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner in Hollywood

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is a non-profit organization which establishes the standards for most of the cleaning industry. We are IICRC certified, trained to the highest standards.

Meticulous nine Stage Cleaning Process

Quality carpet cleaning isn’t easy. Our IICRC certified professionals follow the following 9 step approach when cleaning your carpets:

1. Walk-through

Our specialist is going to carry out a walk through inspection with you to identify carpet composition, soiling conditions and any questions you may possibly have.

2. Getting your furniture ready

We will move your furniture, apart from heavy and breakable things, like china cabinets, dressers, beds, pianos and large dining tables and electronics for example computers, stereos and DVD players because of liability. We are going to clean underneath & around these items. Feel free to move table items yourself.

3. Vacuuming if needed

Your carpeting will be fully vacuum cleaned with a powerful vacuum, to eliminate the majority of of the dry dirt that is commonly in the fabric.

4. Preconditioning

Various stains have to be pre-treated for optimal extraction. If our technician finds something that involves an extensive procedure for treatment, he is going to discuss it with you. For example, if he finds filtration stains, pet stains or blood.

5. Deep soil extraction

Once the soil is loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction unit will rinse your carpets with a biological cleaning solvent. The water temperature throughout the cleaning process will be around 175 to 215°F. The water temperature and pressure level monitored and is actively controlled so that your carpet is not over-wet.

6. Spot extraction

In case a stain is not totally taken out during the carpet cleaning phase, specialty spotting steps will be utilized.

It should be noted that our cleaning technician may point out irreversible staining which regretfully cannot be removed. Typically, this could happen with older flooring that hasn’t been steam-cleaned in a long time. In particular, these stains might be wood finish stains, area rug rubber backing stains and plasticizer migration.

7. pH balancing

We will always pH balance all of the carpet cleaned. This is an especially important step in the cleaning process, because of the fact that alkalescent fibers attract dirt. It can be accomplished during the extraction procedure, or alternatively through a post spray.

8. Grooming

Your freshly cleaned carpeting is raked with a professional carpet rake, to raise the nap of your carpeting. Grooming helps the material dry much faster and at the right angle.

9. Speed dry

If there is any remaining water in your carpets, we’ll bring in our high-powered air dryers to lower the drying period.

The reason why we are the top rated carpet cleaning company in Hollywood

Education & certification

Continuous training is essential in our business, if we’re to give you the highest quality of service . It is essential in keeping our company on the cutting edge, and ahead of other companies.

The Latest Technology

QuickerCleaner’s specialized technicians use the most efficient cleaning accessories and treatments.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’re going to love our service. Give us a call in case you have any concerns at all and we are going to re-clean that area at no cost to you.

Nine Step Process

We have crafted a 9 step cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your rugs and carpeting looking like new.

Countless satisfied clients in Hollywood

QuickerCleaner is a local family owned and operated small business serving Broward and the city of Hollywood. We take pride in our work and love our job.

green, family friendly materials

Keep your household chemical free, protect your loved ones and of course, your family pets. QuickerCleaner uses the very best quality, non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning solutions.