Is regular daily usage taking its toll on your upholstered furniture, causing it to become increasingly dirty and discolored?

At QuickerCleaner, we know how to keep your home furniture clean, be it a footstool, sofa or loveseat. We are skilled in cleaning upholstered furniture of all sorts, concentrating on the removal of dirt, like:

pet stains, pollen, spillages, everyday dust, odor, pet fur, food stains, grease

Our company uses the finest, modern cleaning tools, and of course, the safest eco-friendly cleaning solutions available.

If your furniture starts to show more stained than clean spaces, call the upholstery cleaning experts in Southwest Ranches. We promise to deliver a lasting clean you’ll absolutely love.

Our Company’s Ironclad Guarantee

Our services comes guaranteed by our QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you just aren’t totally pleased with our work for any reason at all, we are going to do the job all over again.

IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaning in Southwest Ranches

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is a body that sets the principle standards for most of the cleaning sector. We’re IICRC certified, educated to the strongest expectations.

Precise Seven Step Process

Superior and effective upholstery cleaning is complicated. Quickercleaner’s certified cleaning professionals follow the below-listed 7 point process when cleaning the upholstery in your home:

1. Assessment and fiber identification

Our technician will determine precisely what the fiber is manufactured of, which will influence what type of pre-spray and rinsing solvents and methods will be used. We will also point out any potentiality uncleanable stains or areas of concern.Our company can clean natural upholstery, e.g. leather, linen, cotton, silk, wool and suede, as well as synthetic materials, e.g. acrylic fibers, chenille and faux leather.

2. Pre-test

To avoid color transfer, our technician will test the preferred pre-spray & rinsing solution on an invisible spot of the upholstery.In order to ensure that the pre-spray and rinsing products are compatible with the textile, we we are going to test it on a discreet spot.

3. Dusting and Vacuuming

We will dust & vacuum clean your furniture employing a commercial upholstery vacuum cleaner, to remove a large percentage of of the dry dirt that’s commonly in the fabric.

4. Preconditioning

Spray the material with the chosen cleaning solution, to loosen human body oil, stains and soiling. When the preconditioning solvent is applied uniformly, we will work it into the furniture

5. Steam cleaning

Once the dirt has been suspended, our high-tech truck-mounted steam cleaning machine will flush your sofa with a biological rinsing solvent.We use a jetless upholstery cleaning tool, to avoid over-wetting your furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

Your furniture is groomed using a special upholstery groomer. This helps the fabric dry a lot faster and in the ideal position.

7. Drying

Our high power air blowers will blast air rushing over your couch, getting it dry as soon as possible.

Reasons why we are the best upholstery cleaner in Southwest Ranches

Specialized Training and accreditation

Ongoing education is a must in this line of work, if we’re to provide the highest quality of service in your home. Our training keeps us on the cutting edge, and ahead of the competition.

Modern Technology

Our certified technicians are equipped with the most effective upholstery cleaning machines and solvents.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any stains reappear within 2 weeks from the original cleaning, we will come back out to re-clean that surface for a second time.

7 Phase Furniture Cleaning Method

Have we mentioned our time-tested 7 point cleaning method? Find out more about it above.

Dozens of satisfied clients from Southwest Ranches

Chances are our company has cleaned the upholstered furniture for someone on your block in Southwest Ranches. Most likely more than once.

natural, green cleaning materials

We use eco-friendly solvents, which are designed to protect and your loved ones’ health and the environment.