Many Coconut Grove families have installed tiled flooring in their dwelling. It’s a smart option to take in Southern Florida. Our high quality, proven tile cleaning solution delivers the most effective maintenance for your tiled areas.

When your tiles start turning worn, or maybe your grouts discolored, call the QuickerCleaner tile cleaning team in Coconut Grove . We guarantee to give you a thorough clean you will tell your friends about.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our services comes backed by our QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service for any reason, we will complete the service again.

IICRC Approved Tile Cleaning in Coconut Grove

QuickerCleaner’s cleaning professionals are certified by the IICRC, the most recognized educational non-profit organization in the tile and grout cleaning industry. We stay at the top of our game and up-to-date with our industry’s trends and technical development, to offer you the highest quality cleaning treatments.

Meticulous Six Stage Process

Based on IICRC proposed suggestions and QuickerCleaner’s experience, we employ a six phase cleaning process:

1. Preliminary Walk-through

Your tiled areas are checked for any gaps, broken tile, missing grout along with any flaws.

Even if your tiled surface is made from natural materials, such as travertine, granite, saltillo, marble & slate, we’ll have the appropriate cleaning solvent in our van.

2. Pre-treat tile & grout stains, grease and impurities by using a powerful green cleaning product

Out technicians will pre-treat the area with a highly effective alkaline based degreasing solvent, which will be left to dwell for a couple of minutes, depending on the condition of the tiled area. This releases the grease, stains, grime and other residues.

3. Scrubbing of surfaces

The tile is agitated using a special scrubber. This works the pre-treatment solvent into the grout and will help in breaking down and separating the soiling and grime.

4. Hot water rinse

Our tile machine uses hot, high pressure water extract the debris, residues and products.

5. Drying

Any residual water on the tiles is going to be dried, utilizing high power air blowers.

6. Grout line Preservation

To make sure your grouts remain clean for a long time, we will administer a grout line sealer to minimize future discoloration. The sealer will make maintenance of your tiled areas and grout lines much easier for you.

Not convinced yet? Here are our company’s qualifications.

Education and accreditation

You really don’t want to let just any company clean your tiling. They might do damage. We are accredited by the IICRC with numerous years of practical experience in tile cleaning.

The Latest Equipment

Our company’s knowledgeable technicians are equipped with the top cleaning machinery and solutions.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

If any spots reemerge within two weeks of the initial cleaning, we’ll come back out and re-treat the area.

Six Stage Tile Cleaning System

We have put together a 6 point cleaning process, which guarantees to leave your tiles and grout lines as clean as new.

Customers from Coconut Grove rely on us to clean their tiles and grout

Our company is a local family owned and operated small business serving CCC and the city of Coconut Grove. We proud ourselves in our profession, and love our job.

Eco friendly, natural cleaning materials

You want to keep environment free of unhealthy chemicals, protect your household and of course, family pets. QuickerCleaner uses the highest quality, non-toxic, green cleaning products.