Is regular daily usage affecting your upholstered furniture, turning it faded and dirty?

Our company knows what it takes to keep your home furniture looking clean, whether it be a footstool, chair or sofa. We are skilled in cleaning furniture of every type, focusing on doing away with contaminants and irritants, like:

odor, pollen, spills, everyday dust, pet stains, grease, pet hairs, food stains

Our company uses the best, modern cleaning tools, and of course, the safest eco-friendly products on the market.

Experience the quality of QuickerCleaner upholstery cleaning service in South Florida right now. Give us a call, or have a look at our prices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. In short, if you are not 100% satisfied with your cleaned upholstery, let us know anytime within fourteen days and we’ll redo the problem area totally free of charge.

IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaner Servicing Broward and Miami-Dade

All of our cleaning professionals are trained by the IICRC, the premier instructional organization in the cleaning industry. We continuously stay up-to-date with industry technologies and trends, to offer only the top cleaning solutions possible.

Meticulous Seven Stage System

Quality upholstered furniture cleaning isn’t straightforward. Our IICRC certified technicians use the following seven point approach when cleaning the upholstered furniture in your home:

1. Assessment and identification of the materials

We will find out exactly what the furniture is manufactured of, which can set what types of cleaning agents and techniques will be used. We are going to also point out any potentiality permanent stains or patches of concern.

We can clean natural fabric, for example linen, wool, cotton, suede, leather and silk, and also man-made material, e.g. acrylic fibers, synthetic leather, chenille and microfiber.

2. Pre-test

Test the chosen cleaning products on a discreet spot of the furniture, in order to ensure that they’re compatible.

3. Pre-vacuuming

Using commercial grade vacuums, we’ll deep vacuum your upholstered furniture, to remove the dried soiling that could have collected between cleanings.

4. Pre-treating

Mist the material evenly with the chosen cleaning agent, to loosen up stains, soiling and body oil. After the preconditioning solution is applied uniformly, we will work it into the fabric using a soft horse hair furniture brush.

5. A comprehensive cleaning

After the dirt has been suspended, our modern truck-mounted hot water extraction unit will clean the upholstery with a biological rinsing solvent.We use a jetless upholstery cleaning tool, to avoid over-wetting your furniture.

6. Fabric Grooming:

The textile is set in one direction by using a special upholstery groomer, to quicken the drying process and make your textile.

7. Speed dry

Our high powered air movers will easily dry your sofas.

Still having second thoughts? Here are our qualifications.

Education and official certification

You never want to let just anybody clean your couch. They might do damage. We are IICRC trained professionals with numerous years of practical experience in cleaning.

The Latest Equipment

Our specialized technicians are equipped with the top upholstery cleaning machines and solutions.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our company is confident you’ll be thrilled about our service. Contact us in case you have any problems whatsoever, and we’ll re-treat that particular surface for free.

7 Stage Furniture Cleaning System

We have crafted a seven step cleaning process, which guarantees to leave your upholstered furniture looking like new.

Many happy clients in Southern Florida

Homeowners in Miami-Dade and Broward counties call us on a regular basis, to get their furniture treated.

natural, environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions

Keep your environment chemical free, protect your family and of course, your pets. Our company uses the highest quality, non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products.