Are the tiled areas in your home not looking as they did originally? Are the grout lines slowly turning discolored?

Mopping tile or stone floors will never clear away all the residue and nasty toxins everyday life throws at your tiles. Dirt trapped in the pores of tiled areas is particularly difficult, in not impossible to remove using typical home cleaning solutions. we will!

We are going to clean out all the hard to clean grime on your tiles and grout lines, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing them with QuickerCleaner’s six step tiled areas cleaning process. You will not believe your eyes after the cleaning!

Enjoy the high quality of QuickerCleaner tile & grout cleaning solutions in Plantation, you’re going to see for yourself, precisely why the difference between us and all our competitors is totally obvious.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

At QuickerCleaner, our primary objective is your complete satisfaction. In short, if you are not 100% completely pleased with your cleaned tiles and grout, let us know within 2 weeks and we will redo the problem area at no cost.

IICRC Licensed Tile and Grout Cleaning in Plantation

Our cleaning professionals are accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the premier academic and standard setting body in the tile cleaning trade. We stay current with industry trends, to provide the finest cleaning treatments.tile-cleaning-plantation-before-after

Thorough 6 Step Process

Top quality tile & grout cleaning isn’t straightforward. Quickercleaner’s IICRC certified cleaning professionals follow the below-listed 6 phase system when cleaning your tiles and grout:

1. Initial Walk-through

A fast, but thorough overview of the tiled areas is carried out to ascertain the proper cleaning method.

Even when your tiled area is composed of natural stone, such as slate, travertine, granite, saltillo and marble, we will have the suitable cleaning solvent with us.

2. Pre-spray tiles

We pre-spray the surface with a suitable alkaline based degreasing product, which will be allowed to dwell for a few minutes. This step releases the built up soiling, stains, grease, grime and topical residues.

3. Power scrub surfaces

We use an industrial strength rotating scrubber to remove the grime and grease from your stone or ceramic tiles.

4. Rinse

Residues are washed out with high-pressure hot water and instantaneously vacuumed out with a integrated high pressure water vacuum.

5. Drying

Your tiles and grout lines will be dry by the time we finish, thanks to our air blowers.

6. Grout line Protection

To make sure that your grout lines stay nice and clean for as much time as possible, we will spread on a grout line sealer to minimize future tinting. This definitely makes maintenance of your tiles and grout much easier for you.

Still having second thoughts? Allow me to share our qualifications.

Training & certification

You don’t want to allow just anyone clean your tiling. They could do damage. We are IICRC trained experts with years of experience in tiled areas cleaning.

The Latest Equipment

QuickerCleaner uses state of the art machinery that’s tough on dirt, but also easy on your tiles.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If any grime should reappear, we’ll gladly come back and re-clean the problem area within two weeks of the original cleaning.

Six Stage Method

Did we mention our time-tested 6 stage tile and grout cleaning process? Learn more about this above.

People from Plantation depend on QuickerCleaner to thoroughly clean their tiles and grout lines

Plantation homeowners in CCC contact us on a regular basis, to have their tiled surfaces cleaned.

Environmentally safe, family friendly cleaning solutions

We use eco-friendly compounds, developed to protect your own, and your loved ones’ well-being and preserve our planet.