We know that selecting a trustworthy carpet cleaner might be a difficult process. How will the whole thing turn out? How much will I pay?

Our company wants to make the carpet cleaning process smoother for you through addressing your doubts beforehand, and delivering a fast, quality cleaning service, with clear rates.

Our professional technicians are experienced in deep cleaning all textile types, and of course each and every spotting condition you could possibly come across. We are going to free your home’s carpeting of all soil, dirt and filtration soiling, returning them as close to their original condition as you possibly can.

Our company only works with the most reliable accessories, and of course, the healthiest environmentally safe agents.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our services comes guaranteed by the QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you aren’t completely pleased with our work for any kind of reason whatsoever, we are going to complete the service all over again.

IICRC Accredited Carpet Cleaning

All of our technicians are trained by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the most recognized academic and standard setting body in the carpet cleaning sector. We stay at the top of our game and up-to-date with industry trends and technical development, to provide Southern Florida residents with the most effective carpet cleaning treatments possible.

Precise 9 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Superior carpet cleaning is difficult. QuickerCleaner’s certified specialists use the following nine stage approach when cleaning the carpets in your home:

  1. Walk-through
    Our deep soil extraction service starts with a proper pre-inspection. Our cleaner will inspect anything of concern, and note carpet construction and possibly irreversible stains. Don’t worry, nearly 100% of household spots can be remedied.
  2. Moving furniture
    Sofas, recliners, coffee tables will be moved out of the way by our technician. Bigger home furnishings, including dressers and cabinets will not be moved, except when you specifically ask for this supplemental service when setting up your appointment.
  3. Pre-vacuuming if needed
    Your floors will be vacuumed employing a commercial vacuum, to clear away most of the dry dirt that’s typically in the material.Clearing away dried out soiling is among the a critical phase in carpet cleaning.
  4. Preconditioning and pre-spot removal
    Your carpets will be pre-sprayed applying an appropriate agent to suspend the soil to achieve efficient soil and spot removal.
  5. Hot water extraction
    Aided by the industry’s top steam cleaning equipment, we are going to extract the suspended soil and all residues.
  6. Post spot treatment
    Whenever a spot is not removed during the 5th step, special spotting methods will be implemented.Please also note that our cleaning technician may perhaps find some irreversible stains which regretfully cannot be extracted. Typically, this could be the case with older floors that have not been steam-cleaned in a long time. Plasticizer migration and area rug rubber backing stains are examples of such stains.
  7. pH neutralizer
    Each and every carpet that we treat is pH balanced, therefore there isn’t any sticky deposit left behind. It prevents yellowing, leaves your carpet with a softer feel and stabilizes dyes.
  8. Grooming
    The carpet nap is set in one direction making use of a carpet groomer, to make your carpeting look nicer and lengthen the life of your carpeting.
  9. Drying
    Any remaining water in your carpeting is going to be dried up, with our air movers.

Why choose QuickerCleaner?

Training & official certifications

Our technicians are trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, possessing various certifications.

The Latest Equipment

Our experienced technicians use the top carpet cleaning equipment and agents.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our satisfaction guarantee means you really don’t have to be concerned with any spots reemerging again on your carpet. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we are going to come back to re-treat the area.

9 Step Cleaning System

To see to it that your carpets are cleaned to the maximum, we use a 9 phase cleaning system, that will clean and transform your carpets.