Are the tiled areas in your home not really looking like they used to? Are the grouts progressively getting discolored, and the tile surface area isn’t as shiny as in the past?

Mopping and sweeping your tile floors will never clean out all the residue and unhealthy pollutants daily life sets into your flooring. Soil trapped in the tiny pores of tiled areas is especially difficult, in not impossible to remove with regular household cleaning products and solutions.

We will clean out all the stubborn dirt stuck on your grout lines and ceramic tiles, meticulously cleaning them using our 6 phase tiled areas cleaning process. You won’t believe the difference once we finish!

If you have to have your tiled areas cleaned in Cooper City, QuickerCleaner is here to help you. Contact us today for a free quote, or have a look at our prices online.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At QuickerCleaner, our principal goal is your complete satisfaction. In short, if you are not totally satisfied with your cleaned tiles, simply let us know anytime within 2 weeks and we’ll redo the area free of charge.

IICRC Certified Tile Cleaning in Cooper City

QuickerCleaner’s cleaning specialists are trained by the IICRC, the top training and standard setting organization in the tiled areas cleaning industry. Our company continuously stays up to date with our industry’s trends, to provide only the highest quality solutions.


Meticulous Six Stage Cleaning Method

Superior tile and grout cleaning is complicated. Quickercleaner’s certified cleaning specialists follow the following 6 step process when cleaning your tiled areas:

1. Preliminary Inspection

A basic examination of the tiled areas is carried out to assess the best cleaning and rinsing procedure.

2. Pre-treating of tile & grout impurities, spots and stains using a powerful green cleaning product

To quickly loosen up the accumulated spots, stains and any other contaminants, we will go the extra mile and pre-treat your tiled areas with degreasing product, and let it loosen the dirt and grime for a couple of minutes.

3. Scrub surfaces

The surface is agitated by using a power scrubbing-brush. This works the pre-treatment solution into the grout and assists in breaking down the residues and soiling.

4. Hot water rinse

Dirt are rinsed with high-pressure hot water and instantly vacuumed out through the built in high pressure water vacuum.

5. Speed dry

Any excess water on the tiles is going to be dried up, using air blowers.

6. Grout line Sealer

We’re going to apply an invisible shield on each and every single grout, helping them keep off debris, grime and soils as a result of not allowing them to set into the grout material.

Additional reasons why you’ll want to choose QuickerCleaner.

Education and certification

Ongoing training is a must in our business, if we want to give you the very best quality service to you. Our training is essential in keeping QuickerCleaner ahead of other cleaning companies.

State of the Art Technology

Hardware makes a differencein the tile cleaning business. We use top end, new equipment, to get your tiles as clean as possible.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our satisfaction guarantee means that you really don’t have to worry about any stains reappearing again on your tiled surfaces. If you are not completely satisfied with our work for any reason, we’ll come back to re-treat the problem area.

6 Stage Tile Cleaning Method

We have crafted a six point cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your tiles and grout lines looking like new.

Many happy customers from Cooper City

It’s likely that we’ve already cleaned the tiles and grout at one of your neighbors in Cooper City. Probably more than once.

Natural, environmentally safe cleaning solutions

You want to keep household chemical free, protect your loved ones and your pets. We use the very best quality, non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products.