QuickerCleaner is a expert at cleaning tile and grout in Sunrise. Our team uses scientifically established equipment which will produce stunning results on your tile and grout.

We don’t use anything but the best and the most modern accessories, and of course the most appropriate eco-friendly solutions available on the market .

If your tiles start turning worn, or maybe your grout lines discolored, call the QuickerCleaner tile cleaning team in Sunrise. We guarantee to deliver a thorough clean you will absolutely love.

The QuickerCleaner Guarantee

All our work is guaranteed by the QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you aren’t 100% completely pleased with our service for whatever reason at all, we’re going to perform the service again.

IICRC Certified Tile and Grout Cleaner in Sunrise

The IICRC is an organization which establishes the principle standards for most of the cleaning profession. We are IICRC licensed, trained to the highest standards.

Thorough Six Stage Tile Cleaning System

Superior and effective tile and grout cleaning definitely isn’t straightforward. Quickercleaner’s IICRC certified technicians follow the below-listed 6 phase system when cleaning the tiled areas in your home:

1. Initial Inspection

An initial examination of your home’s tiled areas is performed to decide on the proper cleaning and rinsing method.

Are your tiles are made from natural materials, such as saltillo, travertine and marble? Not a problem! We’re going to have the optimal stone cleaning solution in our van.

2. Pre-treat tiles and grout

We pre-treat the surface area with an effective alkalic cleaning product, which is allowed to dwell for up to fifteen minutes, depending on the condition of the tiled area. This step loosens the soiling, grime, grease and other spots.

3. Scrubbing of surfaces

The tile and grout is agitated by using a commercial power scrubbing-brush. This works the pre-treatment solvent into the grout and will help in separating the soiling and grime.

4. Hot water rinse

The tiles are pressure washed using very hot water and immediately vacuumed away, to clear away the cleaning product and loosened contaminants. Absolutely no over-wetting of any areas takes place, thanks to our company’s commercial-grade tile and grout rinsing machinery.

5. Drying

Your tiled flooring will be dried up by the time we leave, thanks to our high-powered air blowers.

6. Grout line Protection

To make certain your grout lines remain nice and clean for a long time, we can administer a grout line sealer to restrict future tinting. The sealer will make maintenance of your tiled surfaces easier for you.

Why we’re the best tile cleaning company in Sunrise

Training & accreditation

We are trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, holding numerous certifications.

Modern Equipment

Our company uses state-of-the-art equipment that’s tough on dirt, but also easy on your tiles.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any spots should reappear, we will gladly come back out and re-clean that surface within two weeks of the original cleaning.

six Phase CleaningSystem

We have crafted a 6 point cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your tiles and grout lines looking like new.

People from Sunrise trust us to clean their tiles and grout lines

Most likely we’ve cleaned the tiles and grout at one of your next-door neighbors in Sunrise. Quite possibly more than once.

family friendly, eco friendly cleaning materials

You want to keep home chemical free, protect your loved ones and your family pets. Our company uses the highest quality, non-toxic, natural cleaning products.