Are the tiles in your house/apartment not really looking like they previously used to? Are the grout lines slowly turning tarnished?


Sweeping, vacuum cleaning and mopping your tile or stone surfaces will never do away with all the residue and unwanted pollutants everyday life throws at your surfaces. Dirt-debris lodged in the tiny pores of tiles and grouting is extremely hard, in not impossible to remove using traditional household cleaning methods. we will!

We’ll cleanse all the stubborn dirt from your tiles and grout lines, carefully cleaning them using our six step tiled areas cleaning process. You will not believe your eyes once we’re finished!

Experience the high quality of QuickerCleaner tile and grout cleaning solutions in South Miami, you’re going to find out for yourself, what makes the difference between us and all of our competitors is clear.

Our Company’s Ironclad Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our work and work tirelessly for 100% satisfaction and we are going to do everything we can to achieve our goal. In the highly unlikely case you are not totally satisfied with your tiles and grout, we shall clean the problem area once again.

IICRC Certified Tile Cleaner in South Miami

QuickerCleaner’s cleaning professionals are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the leading instructional non-profit organization in the tile cleaning trade. We continuously stay up to date with our industry’s trends and technical development, to offer the finest cleaning services.

Thorough 6 Phase System

Based on IICRC advised suggestions and our company’s experience, we use a 6 step cleaning and rinsing process, to truly get your flooring as clean as possible:

1. Preliminary Walk-through

Your tile and grout are inspected for fractures, broken tile pieces, damaged grout, along with other imperfections.

Are your tiled surface is composed of stone, such as slate, travertine, marble, granite or saltillo? No problem at all! we will have the suitable cleaning solution .

2. Pre-treat tiled surfaces

We treat the surface area with a potent alkaline based degreasing product, which is allowed to dwell for a few minutes. This loosens the built up grime, soiling, stains and other impurities.

3. Scrubbing of surfaces

We use an industrial scrubber to lift the residues and soiling from your tiled areas and grout lines.

4. High pressure rinse

The tiled areas are washed using hot water and automatically vacuumed away, to clean out the cleaning solution and loosened dirt. Absolutely no over-wetting of any areas occurs, thanks to our company’s commercial-grade tile rinsing machinery.

5. Drying

Our high power air movers will shoot air over your flooring, getting them dry quickly.

6. Grout line Protection

We will spread on an unseen shield on each individual grout, helping them keep off debris and contaminants through not letting them set into the grout material.

Still having second thoughts? Allow me to share our company’s credentials.

Specialized Training and official certifications

Ongoing education is vital in our line of work, if we want to provide the best quality service . This ongoing training is essential in keeping QuickerCleaner ahead of the competition.

The Latest Technology

Equipment is importantin the cleaning business. Our company uses top end, new machinery on every job, to get your tiled areas as clean as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced you’ll be thrilled about our service. Call us in case you have any concerns whatsoever, and we are going to re-treat that particular surface free of charge.

Six Stage tiled areas Cleaning Process

Did we mention QuickerCleaner’s time-tested 6 step tile and grout cleaning system? Find out more about this above.

Dozens of happy clients from South Miami

Chances are high that we have cleaned the tiled flooring at one of your next-door neighbors in South Miami. Most likely more than one time.

Environmentally safe, natural cleaning solutions

Our company uses environmentally friendly solvents, all of which are designed to protect and of course, your family members’ health and our planet.