QuickerCleaner is known as a expert at cleaning tile and grout in Key Biscayne. We believe in using scientifically established equipment intended to produce stunning final results on your tiled areas.

We only use the best and most modern equipment, and of course the safest eco-friendly products on the market today.

Should you have to get your tiled areas cleaned in Key Biscayne, QuickerCleaner is here to help you. Give us a call right now for an absolutely free estimate, or take a look at our pricing page.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our work is guaranteed by the QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you are not perfectly satisfied with our work for any kind of reason at all, we are going to perform the service all over again.

IICRC Accredited Tile Cleaning in Key Biscayne

Our cleaning specialists are accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the premier educational and standard setting body in the tiled areas cleaning industry. Our company continuously stays current with our industry’s trends and technologies, to offer only the highest quality services.


Six Phase Tile Cleaning Method

As per our industry’s best practices and our extensive experience, we use a 6 stage cleaning process:

1. Initial Inspection

The surfaces are checked for gaps, damaged tile pieces, missing grout, along with other flaws.

Even if your tiled surface is made of natural materials, such as granite, slate, marble or travertine, we’ll have the proper stone cleaning solvent in our cleaning van.

2. Loosen up tile / grout grease, stains and spots

To quickly loosen the built up grime, impurities and other contaminants, we pre-treat your home’s stone or ceramic tiles with an exclusive degreasing solvent, and let it loosen the dirt and grime for a few minutes.

3. Scrubbing

The tiled surface is agitated by using a special power scrubber. This works the pre-spray into the grout lines and assists in separating the residues and grease.

4. Rinse

The tiles and grout are rinsed with very hot water and automatically vacuumed away, to clean out the cleaning solution and loose residues. Absolutely no over-wetting occurs, thanks to our professional tile surface rinsing machinery.

5. Drying

Our company’s high powered air dryers will quickly dry the washed areas.

6. Grout Sealer

To see to it your grouts remain clean for as long as possible, let us add a grout line sealer to restrict future spotting. The sealer will make cleaning of your floors faster and easier for you.

Why choose QuickerCleaner?

Specialized Training and certification

You don’t want to let just anybody clean your tiled flooring. They might end up causing damage. We are accredited by the IICRC with many years of experience in tile cleaning.

State of the Art Equipment

Our company’s professional technicians are equipped with the most efficient cleaning accessories and treatments.


Our company is 100% confident you’ll be thrilled about our work. Give us a call in case you have any concerns whatsoever and we are going to re-clean the problem area for free.

Six Step tiled areas Cleaning System

To see to it that your tiled surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, we have a six point cleaning process, that will do wonders on your tiled areas.

Clients from Key Biscayne rely on QuickerCleaner to thoroughly clean their tiled areas

Odds are good our company has already cleaned the tiled areas for someone on your street in Key Biscayne. Quite possibly more than once.

Eco friendly, green cleaning solutions

Keep your household chemical free, protect your family and pets. Our company uses the very best quality, non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning solutions.