Are the tiles and stone in your house not looking as they did originally? Are the grouts progressively turning discolored?

Vacuum-cleaning your tile or stone surfaces will never clean out all the deposits and pollutants daily life sets into your flooring. Soils stuck in the microscopic pores of tiled areas is extremely difficult to get rid of using typical home cleaning solutions. We will help!


We can clean out all the stubborn dirt from your tiles and grout lines, completely cleaning them with our six step tiled surface cleaning process. You won’t believe your eyes when we’re finished!

Should you have to get your tiled areas cleaned in Golden Beach , QuickerCleaner is the perfect choice. Call us right now for an absolutely free price estimate, or check out our prices online.

The QuickerCleaner Guarantee

All our services comes backed by our QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not perfectly satisfied with our work for any reason, we will perform the service all over again.

IICRC Credentialed Tile Cleaner in Golden Beach

The IICRC is an organization which creates the guiding standards for most of the cleaning market. We’re IICRC accredited, educated to the highest expectations.

6 Step Tile Cleaning System

As per IICRC proposed guidelines and our company’s extensive experience, our technician will use a 6 phase cleaning and rinsing process:

1. Walk-through

A preliminary assessment of the tiled areas is performed to decide on the optimum cleaning and rinsing method.

Even if your tiles are made up of materials, such as saltillo, slate, marble, granite & travertine, we’re going to have the appropriate cleaning solvent in our cleaning van.

2. Loosen up tile + grout grease and stains

We pre-spray the surface area with a suitable degreasing solvent, which is left to dwell for a couple of minutes. This step loosens the grime, grease, stains, soiling and other residues.

3. Power scrub surfaces

The tile and grout is agitated by using a power scrubbing-brush. This works the pre-treatment cleaning product into the grout and helps in separating the residues and soiling.

4. Hot water rinse

Our tiled surface cleaning and rinsing machine uses heated, high pressure water flush away the residues, contaminants and solvents.

5. Drying

Should there be any excess water on the tiled surfaces, it will be dried up using air blowers.

6. Grout Protection

Our technician will spread on a grout line sealer, that creates a waterproof shield to prevent future discoloration.

Still not convinced? These are our company’s qualifications.

Training & official certification

You never want to let just any company clean your tile and grout. They could even do damage. We are certified by the IICRC with years of practical experience in tiled areas cleaning.

State of the Art Technology

The right tools and equipment matters, when it comes to cleaning. We use top of the range machinery on every job, to get your tiled areas as clean as possible.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

If any grime should reemerge, we’ll come back out and re-clean that area within two weeks from the original cleaning.

Six Point CleaningProcess

Have we mentioned QuickerCleaner’s tested six step tile and grout cleaning process? Get more information about it above.

People from Golden Beach rely on us to thoroughly clean their tiles

Golden Beach homeowners in Miami-Dade contact our company repeatedly, to have their tiled surfaces cleaned.

Green, natural cleaning and sanitizing materials

The tiled areas cleaning solvents we use are non-toxic, green and completely safe for you and your family and pets.