Are the tiles in your home not looking as they did in the beginning? Are the grouts slowly getting tarnished, and the tile area isn’t as shiny as it was before?

Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping tile or stone floor surfaces won’t eliminate the deposits and nasty pollutants day to day life throws at your surfaces. Grime stuck in the fine pores of tiles and grouting is especially hard, in not impossible to remove with regular home cleaning solutions.

We’ll clear away all of the hard to clean grime embedded into your grout lines and ceramic tiles, meticulously cleaning and rinsing them using our six stage tile/stone cleaning system. You probably will not believe your eyes once the cleaning!

Should your stone or ceramic tiles start turning dull, or maybe your grouts discolored, contact the QuickerCleaner tile cleaning team in Surfside. We guarantee to deliver a long-lasting clean all of your friends will notice.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Guarantee

At QuickerCleaner, our principal objective is your full-blown satisfaction. In short, if you are not perfectly pleased with your cleaned tiles and grout, simply let us know anytime within fourteen days and we are going to reclean the problem area at no cost.

IICRC Certified Tile Cleaner in Surfside

QuickerCleaner’s cleaning professionals are certified and trained by the IICRC, the largest academic body in the tiled areas cleaning trade. We stay current with industry technologies and trends, to provide the highest quality treatments possible.


Meticulous 6 Point Method

As per IICRC advised guidelines and our company’s extensive experience, our technician will use a 6 stage cleaning and sanitizing process, to really get your tiles ultra clean:

1. Inspection

A basic review of your tiled areas is conducted to ascertain the proper cleaning and rinsing method.

Are your tiles are composed of natural stone, such as slate, marble, granite and saltillo? Not an issue. We’ll have the suitable cleaning solvent in our van.

2. Pre-spray tiled surfaces

We treat the surface with a highly effective cleaning solution, which is left to dwell for a few minutes, depending on the condition of the tiled area. This step loosens the built up grime, stains, soiling, grease and topical residues.

3. Scrubbing of surfaces

Our industrial strength scrubber is going to work your tiles and grout. This step cleans most of the stains, spots and impurities from the area.

4. Rinse

Residues are extracted with pressurized hot water and immediately vacuumed out with out integrated high pressure water vacuum.

5. Speed dry

Should there be any leftover water on the floors, it will be dried up using our high power air movers.

6. Grout line Sealer

To see to it your grout lines stay clean for a long time, let us add a grout line sealer to restrict future spotting. This definitely makes maintenance of your floors quite a bit easier for you.

Additional reasons why you will want to choose us.

Education & official certification

Continuous training is a must in our line of work, if we want to give you the best quality cleaning service . This is essential in keeping QuickerCleaner on the cutting edge, and ahead of the competition.

The Latest Technology

QuickerCleaner’s specialized technicians are equipped with the most effective tile and grout cleaning equipment and products.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re convinced you will be thrilled about our cleaning service. Contact us in case you have any concerns whatsoever, and we are going to re-treat the surface absolutely free.

Six Phase CleaningSystem

We have developed a six step cleaning process, which will leave your tiles and grout lines looking like new.

Many happy customers in Surfside

We are a local small business serving Miami-Dade county and the Surfside community. We take pride in our work and love cleaning.

Green, natural solutions

The tiled areas cleaning products we utilize are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for your loved ones and your family pets.