Are the stone tiles within your property maybe not looking as they did originally? Are the grout lines slowly becoming tarnished?

Scrubbing and sweeping your tile flooring won’t remove the residue and pollutants everyday living throws at your surfaces. Dirt-debris lodged in the microscopic pores of tiles and grouting is especially hard to remove using regular home cleaning methods.

We will remove all the stubborn soiling stuck on your grout lines and floor tiles, meticulously cleaning and rinsing them with our six stage tiled areas cleaning system. You definitely will not believe the difference once we’re finished!

Experience the quality of QuickerCleaner tile and grout cleaning in Coral Gables, and you’ll find out for yourself why the visible difference between our company and all the other cleaners is evident.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

At QuickerCleaner, our principal goal is your complete satisfaction. If you are not totally satisfied with your cleaned tiles, just tell us within 14 days and we’ll redo the problem area without charge.

IICRC Registered Tile and Grout Cleaner in Coral Gables

All of our technicians are certified and trained by the IICRC, the top academic and standard setting organization in the cleaning trade. We continuously stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies, to provide only the highest quality solutions possible.

Thorough 6 Point Tile Cleaning Method

In line with IICRC approved recommendations and our extensive experience, our technician will perform a 6 stage cleaning process:

1. Walk-through

Your surfaces are checked for fractures, missing tile pieces, missing grout along with other flaws.

2. Loosen up tile & grout spots, impurities and grease using a powerful solvent

To efficiently loosen up the accumulated soiling, grime and various other dirt, we will go the extra mile and pre-spray your home’s tiled flooring with degreasing solvent, and allow it to loosen the grime for around ten minutes.

3. Scrubbing

The tile is agitated using a commercial power scrubbing-brush. This works the pre-spray into the grout and helps in breaking down and separating the soiling and dirt.

4. Rinse

Our tile surface machine uses very hot, pressurized water flush away the residues, debris and products.

5. Speed dry

Any leftover water on the tiled surfaces will be dried up, with air blowers.

6. Penetrating sealer protection

Our professional technician will spread on a pigmented grout sealer, that creates a waterproof shield to avoid future discoloration.

The reasons why we’re better than our competition

Education & accreditation

Our technicians are trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, possessing various certifications.

Modern Equipment

Equipment is important in the tile cleaning business. Our company uses top end cleaning equipment, to get your tiled areas into the best shape possible.


We are sure you will be thrilled about our work. Give us a call in case you have any concerns and we’ll re-treat that surface absolutely free.

six Step Cleaning System

To be sure that your tiles are thoroughly cleaned, we have a 6 stage cleaning process, that will clean and transform your flooring.

Customers from Coral Gables trust our company to clean their floors

Our company is a local family owned small business serving Miami-Dade county and the city of Coral Gables. We are proud of our work, and love cleaning.

Environmentally safe, eco-friendly cleaning materials

The tile cleaning products we use are natural and completely safe for your home and pets.