Are the tiles within your home not looking like they previously used to? Are the grout lines slowly turning tainted, and the tile/stone surface is not as vibrant as it once was?


Sweeping, vacuum cleaning and mopping tile floor surfaces will not get rid of the residue and unhealthy contaminants everyday living throws at your surfaces. Grime lodged in the tiny pores of tiled areas is extremely difficult to get rid of using conventional cleaning solutions.

We will clean out all the hard to clean grime from your tiles and grout lines, completely cleaning and rinsing them with QuickerCleaner’s six phase tiled surface cleaning process. You will not believe the difference after we finish!

Once your tiles start becoming dull, and your grout lines discolored, contact the QuickerCleaner tile cleaner team in Parkland. We promise to deliver a thorough clean you will absolutely love.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Guarantee

We guarantee our work and strive for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time and we are going to do everything we can to achieve this goal. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your homes tiled flooring, we will clean the area once again.

IICRC Registered Tile and Grout Cleaner in Parkland

All of our technicians are certified by the IICRC, the most recognized academic body in the tile cleaning industry. Our company continuously stays current with industry trends, to offer you only the best cleaning treatments.

Precise Six Point Tile Cleaning Process

As per IICRC advised suggestions and QuickerCleaner’s extensive experience, our technician will employ a 6 phase cleaning and sanitizing process, to really get your flooring as clean as possible:

1. Preliminary Walk-through

The tile and grout are checked for cracks, missing tile, damaged grout along with other imperfections.

2. Pre-spray tiled surfaces

stains, grease and grime are pre-sprayed using our company’s exclusive green solution

3. Power scrub surfaces

We use a commercial brush head scrubber to remove the grime and soiling from your tiled surfaces.

4. High pressure rinse

The tiles are washed with hot water and immediately extracted, to cleanse the cleaning solvent and scrubbed contaminants. No over-wetting occurs, thanks to our company’s professional tile and grout cleaning machine.

5. Drying

Your tiles will be dry by when we finish the job, thanks to our air movers.

6. Grout line Protection

Let us administer an invisible shield on each and every single grout line helping them repel grime and soils as a result of not letting them set into the grout pores.

Additional reasons why you’ll want to choose our company’s services.

Training & certification

You don’t want to let just anybody clean your tiled flooring. They could do damage. We are IICRC certified professionals with numerous years of practical experience in cleaning.

Modern Equipment

Our company uses state-of-the-art truck-mount and portable equipment that is certainly tough on dirt, yet easy on your tiles.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any ingrained stains should reappear, we’ll gladly come back out to re-treat the surface within two weeks from the initial cleaning.

Six Phase tiled areas Cleaning Process

To make certain that your stone or ceramic tiles are cleaned to the maximum, we have a 6 phase cleaning system, that will do wonders to the looks of your tiled areas.

Many returning customers in Parkland

Parkland residents in Broward county call our company regularly, to have their tile and grout cleaned.

Natural, eco friendly cleaning solutions

Keep your environment chemical free, protect your family and your family pets. QuickerCleaner uses the highest quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.