Is everyday wear and tear taking its toll on your home furniture, turning it discolored and soiled?

Our company knows what needs to be done to keep your home furniture clean, whether it be a dining room chair, ottoman or loveseat. We are skilled in cleaning furniture of all sorts, specializing in removing contaminants, such as:

pollen, body oil, pet hairs, dust, odor

We only use the best, cutting-edge equipment, and of course, the safest eco-friendly cleaning solvents on the market.

Discover the quality of QuickerCleaner upholstery cleaning service in Wilton Manors, and you’ll find out for yourself how we exceed our competition. Give us a call, or go to our pricing page.

Ironclad Guarantee

Our primary objective is your full-blown satisfaction. In short, if you are not perfectly satisfied with your cleaned furniture, let us know within 14 days and we will redo the problem area totally free of charge.

IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaning in Wilton Manors

The IICRC is a not-for-profit organization which creates the standards for most of the cleaning sector. We are IICRC certified, educated to the strongest expectations.

Seven Phase Upholstery Cleaning Process

Top quality and effective upholstered furniture cleaning definitely isn’t easy. Our IICRC certified technicians use the below-listed 7 point approach when cleaning loveseats, recliner chairs and other furniture:

1. Assessment and fabric identification

Inspection of the fabric, noting any tears, burns or ribs. We will also identify the textile type, to be sure we use the most appropriate cleaning product.Our company can clean natural materials, for example leather, linen, wool, cotton, silk and suede, as well as artificial material, including microfiber, acrylic fibers, chenille and faux leather.

2. Pre-test

We will try out the selected pre-spray & rinsing solvent on an inconspicuous spot of the textile for color fastness.

3. Dust and pre-vac

Your sofas will be thoroughly dusted and also vacuumed employing a professional upholstery vacuum cleaner, to eliminate almost all of the loose dirt that is typically in the material.The removal of dry soil is amongst the a fundamental step in furniture cleaning.

4. Pre-spray and pre-spot removal

An appropriate preconditioning agent is applied and agitated to break up stains, soil and body oil to get a thorough cleaning. Challenging stains are treated with specialized spotting agents, to improve the probability of complete removal over the deep cleaning phase.

5. Extraction

The soil is extracted from the fabric with a gentle rinsing.We use a jetless upholstery cleaning tool, to avoid over-wetting your furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

We will groom your furniture’s material and in doing so restore that just-like-new look. This is going to also help decrease the amount of time it will take the fabric to dry and extend it’s lifespan.

7. Drying

Your sofas are usually dry by when we finish, thanks to our air movers.

The reason why we are better than our rivals

Training & official certification

Our technicians are accredited by the IICRC, having multiple certifications.

State of the Art Technology

QuickerCleaner’s specialized technicians use the most effective cleaning equipment and products.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our guarantee means that you don’t need to worry about any stains reappearing on your furniture. If you are not satisfied with our company’s work, we’ll come back and re-clean that area.

Seven Point Process

Did we mention QuickerCleaner’s proven 7 point upholstery cleaning system? Get more information about this above.

Customers from Wilton Manors depend on QuickerCleaner to thoroughly clean their upholstered furniture

Wilton Manors homeowners in Broward county contact our company on a regular basis, to get their house furniture cleaned out.

natural, family friendly cleaning solutions

QuickerCleaner uses environmentally safe solvents, designed to protect your own, and of course, your family members’ well-being and protect the environment.

Getting your sofa and upholstery cleaned needn’t be a gamble. QuickerCleaner, the most reliable upholstery cleaning service in Wilton Manors, is all set for the job.