Our professional upholstery cleaning method can revive and prolong the life span of your favorite ottoman, cushion, loveseat, and other furnishings. Restore your furniture’s vibrant color and former beauty.

No matter whether your upholstered furniture is made up of natural or man made materials, we will clean deep into its crevices & folds, removing soiling, stains and allergens, and give you and your family pristine, cozy furnishings.

When your household furniture is starting to show more dirty than cozy spaces, call our upholstery cleaning team in Fort Lauderdale. We promise to give you a lasting clean you are going to love. Contact us for a quote, or check out our pricing.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

At QuickerCleaner, our principal goal is your satisfaction. In short, if you are not completely pleased with your cleaned upholstery, tell us anytime within 14 days and we are going to reclean the area completely free.
IICRC Credentialed Couch and Upholstery Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

QuickerCleaner’s technicians are accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the most recognized educational and standard setting body in the cleaning profession. We stay at the top of our game and up-to-date with our industry’s trends, to offer only the highest quality treatments possible.

Meticulous 7 Stage Upholstery Cleaning System

As per IICRC recommendations and years of experience, our technician will perform a seven stage cleaning process, in order to get your sofas super clean:
1. Inspection and identification of the fabric

Overview of the furniture, documenting any burns, tears or ribs. Our technician will also identify precisely what your furniture is crafted from, to be certain we operate with the appropriate cleaning agent.We can clean natural upholstery, e.g. silk, leather, suede, linen and wool, and also synthetic fabric, for example acrylic fibers, microfiber and synthetic leather.

2. Testing

Testing the chosen pre-spray and rinsing products on a hidden spot of the upholstery to be deep cleaned for color transfer.

3. Dust and pre-vac

Your couches will be first of all pre-vacuumedCleaning out dried soiling is one of the a fundamental step in upholstery cleaning.

4. Preconditioning

A pre-spray is applied and agitated to break down human body oil, stains and soil to get a complete cleaning. Problematical stains are treated with special cleaning solutions to help increase the chance of complete removal during the steam cleaning step.

5. Extraction

Using the industry’s top deep soil extraction equipment, we’re going to deliver the deepest clean possible, washing away the loosened soil and all residues.This important stage of the upholstery cleaning process {sanitizes and even deodorizes} the furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

Your upholstery will be primed for drying through a delicate grooming of the fabric.

7. Drying

Any excess water in your home furniture will be dried up, utilizing high power air blowers.

Why we are better than the competitors

Education and certification

You don’t want to allow just anyone clean your household furniture. They could end up doing damage. We are IICRC trained experts with many years of practical experience in upholstered furniture cleaning.

The Latest Equipment

Hardware makes a difference when it comes to cleaning. We use top grade, modern cleaning machinery on every job, to get your sofas as clean as possible.


If any spots reappear within 2 weeks of the original cleaning, we’ll come back out to re-treat the problem surface.

7 Point Process

Have we mentioned QuickerCleaner’s tried and true seven phase upholstery cleaning system? Find out more about that above.

Fort Lauderdale home owners depend on our company to clean their sofas

Fort Lauderdale homeowners in Broward call on our company regularly, to get their house furniture treated.

green, environmentally safe cleaning solutions

The upholstery cleaning solvents we work with are green, non-toxic and completely safe for your household and your pets.