Is everyday use affecting your furniture, turning it discolored and dirty?

Our company knows what it takes to keep your upholstered furniture looking clean, whether it’s a upholstered chair, footstool or sofa. We are highly experienced in deep cleaning furnishings of all kinds, concentrating on removing dirt, like:

spills, food stains, animal hairs, pollen, everyday dust, bodily oil, odor

Our company uses top quality, modern cleaning tools, as well as the safest eco-friendly products on the market.

When your sofa is starting to show more soiled than clean areas, call QuickerCleaner, the Hillsboro Beach upholstery cleaning specialists. We guarantee to deliver a lasting clean you will absolutely love. Call us for a free quote, or visit our pricing table.

Our Company’s Ironclad Guarantee

Our services is guaranteed by the QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not 100% completely pleased with our work for any kind of reason, we will do the job again.

IICRC Accredited Upholstery Cleaner in Hillsboro Beach

All of our cleaning professionals are accredited by the IICRC, the largest training and standard setting non-profit organization in the cleaning profession. Our company continuously stays current with industry technologies and trends, to offer the most effective upholstery cleaning solutions possible.

Precise 7 Step Method

Superior and comprehensive upholstered furniture cleaning is difficult. Quickercleaner’s certified cleaning experts use the below-listed seven point method when cleaning the upholstery in your home:
1. Evaluation and identification of the fabric

We are going to find out what the furniture is manufactured of, which can determine what kind of cleaning solvents can be used. We are going to also indicate any potentiality permanent spots or patches of concern.Our company can clean natural materials, including linen, cotton, leather, silk, wool and suede, and also synthetic material, for example chenille, acrylic fibers, microfiber and artificial leather.

2. Pre-test

Trying the preferred cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot of the fabric to be cleaned, to be certain that they will be compatible.

3. Dust and pre-vac

We will dust & vacuum your couches. This will clear away dry soils together with unbound allergens from cracks & fissures.Clearing away dried soil is considered to be a vital step in furniture cleaning.

4. Pre-treating and pre-spot removal

A pre-spray is applied and agitated to break down human body oil, stains and soiling for a complete cleaning. Problematic spots are treated with specialized spotting solutions to increase the chance of complete removal in the deep cleaning phase.

5. A thorough cleaning

After the dirt has been suspended, our high-tech truck-mounted steam cleaning machine will thoroughly clean the upholstered furniture using a natural cleaning solvent.This particular step of the cleaning process {sanitizes and additionally deodorizes} household furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

Your freshly cleaned upholstery is groomed using a professional upholstery groomer. This process helps the fabric dry more rapidly and at the correct angle.

7. Speed dry

Any remaining water in your upholstered furniture is going to be dried up using our high power air blowers.

Why should you choose QuickerCleaner?

Training & official certification

Ongoing training is vital in this business, if we want to give you the best quality cleaning service to you. This is part of what keeps QuickerCleaner ahead of other cleaning companies.

State of the Art Technology

Equipment does matter, when it comes to cleaning. Our company uses top end, modern machinery on every job, to get your upholstery as clean as possible.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our satisfaction guarantee means that you really don’t need to worry about any stains reappearing on your upholstery. If you are not satisfied with our work, we are going to come back out and re-treat that area.

Seven Point Furniture Cleaning Process

Have we mentioned our tested 7 stage cleaning process? Find out more about this above.

People from Hillsboro Beach trust our company to thoroughly clean their furniture

Our company is a local family owned and operated small business offering our services to CCC county and the city of Hillsboro Beach. We are proud of our work, and love our job.

green, eco friendly cleaning and sanitizing materials

Our company uses eco friendly solvents, all of which are designed to protect and of course, your family members’ well-being and protect the environment.