Our certified upholstery cleaning procedure will restore and lengthen the life of your beloved chair, footstool, pillow, and other furnishings. Regain your furniture’s radiant color and plush touch.

It doesn’t matter whether your upholstered furniture is made of natural or man-made fabric, we’re going to clean deep into its folds & crevices, removing dirt, allergens, stains and unhealthy bacteria, and give you and your family a pristine, soft sofa.

If your household furniture is beginning to show more dirty than cozy areas, contact QuickerCleaner, the Sea Ranch Lakes upholstery cleaning experts. We guarantee to give you a lasting clean you’re going to love.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Guarantee

We guarantee our work and aim for complete satisfaction 100% of the time and we’ll do all we can to make this happen. In case you are not totally satisfied with your upholstered furniture, we’ll clean the area once again.

IICRC Licensed Upholstery Cleaning in Sea Ranch Lakes

The IICRC is a non-profit organization which sets the principle standards for most of the cleaning market. We’re IICRC qualified, trained to the highest expectations.

Precise 7 Stage Upholstery Cleaning Method

Consistent with IICRC approved guidelines and years of experience, we perform a seven stage cleaning process, in order to get your upholstered furniture looking like new:
1. Inspection and identification of the materials

Our technician will establish exactly what the textile is constructed from, and that will set the type of cleaning solutions and methods we can use. We are going to also point out any potentiality irreversible spots or areas of concern.

Our technician can clean natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and suede, and also man-made materials, for example synthetic leather, chenille, acrylic fibers and microfiber.

2. Pre-test

To protect against color transfer, we are going to try out the selected pre-spray and rinsing agent on a concealed spot of the fabric.To make certain that the preferred pre-spray and rinsing solvents are well matched with the textile, we we are going to test it on an inconspicuous spot.

3. Dust and pre-vac

Using commercial grade vacuums, we are going to vacuum the home furniture, to remove the dry soiling that may have accumulated since the previous cleaning.Cleaning out dried out soil is considered to be a critical phase in upholstery cleaning.

4. Pre-treating

The chosen pre-spray is used and agitated to decompose stains, body oil and soiling for a thorough cleaning. Challenging stains are treated with special cleaning solutions to improve the chance of removal during the deep cleaning phase.

5. Extraction

After the soil has been loosened, our high-tech truck-mounted hot water extraction machine will thoroughly clean your upholstery with a natural cleaning solution.We use a jetless upholstery cleaning tool, to avoid over-wetting your furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

The furniture is going to be primed for optimal drying through a delicate grooming of the fabric.

7. Speed dry

Our high powered air dryers will easily dry the upholstery.

A few reasons why you’ll want to choose our company.

Training and official certifications

You really don’t want to let just anybody clean your sofas. They might do damage. We are certified and trained by the IICRC with many years of practical experience in cleaning.

Modern Equipment

Equipment is importantin the upholstery cleaning market. QuickerCleaner uses top grade cleaning equipment on every job, to get your home furniture as clean as possible.


We are 100% confident you’ll be delighted with our service. Contact us in case you have any concerns whatsoever and we’ll re-clean that particular surface at no cost.

7 Stage Upholstery Cleaning System

To make sure your couches are thoroughly cleaned, we have a seven step cleaning process, that will do wonders to the overall look of your upholstered furniture.

Countless happy clients in Sea Ranch Lakes

It’s quite possible we’ve cleaned the upholstered furniture for somebody on your block in Sea Ranch Lakes. Most likely more than just once.

environmentally safe, green cleaning solutions

Keep your environment free of chemicals, protect your household and family pets. QuickerCleaner uses the very best quality, non-toxic, natural cleaning products.