Regular cleaning and caring for your home furniture will allow it to maintain the looks that won you over in the first place.

In case your household furniture just isn’t looking like it used to, our company has the answer. It is possible to revitalize the original color, style and glow of all your furniture, implementing our company’s proven and approved upholstery cleaning method.

If your sofa starts to show more soiled than cozy areas, contact our upholstery cleaning experts in South Miami. We vow to deliver a long lasting clean you’re going to love.

Our Guarantee

All of our services is backed by our QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you are not 100% completely satisfied with our work for whatever reason, we’re going to do the job all over again.

IICRC Registered Sofa and Upholstery Cleaner in South Miami

The IICRC is a not-for-profit organization which establishes the principle standards for the cleaning market. Our company is IICRC licensed, trained and educated to the strongest expectations.

Precise 7 Phase Upholstery Cleaning Process

Based on industry best practices and years of extensive experience, our technician will use a seven step cleaning and sanitizing process:

1. Assessment and identification of the fabric

Examination of the upholstery, noting any tears, burns or ribs. At the same time, we will establish what your upholstery is composed of, to make certain we use the ideal cleaning product.Our company can clean natural textiles, for example silk, cotton, suede, linen and leather, and also artificial materials, such as acrylic fibers, chenille, microfiber and artificial leather.

2. Pre-test

To prevent color transfer, we are going to try out the selected cleaning solvent on an inconspicuous spot of the furniture to be deep cleaned.To make sure that the chosen cleaning agent is well matched with the upholstery to be cleaned, we we will test it on a discreet spot.

3. Vacuuming

We will dust and pre-vacuum your couches with a commercial upholstery vacuum cleaner to do away with a large percentage of of the dried out soil that is typically in the material.Clearing away dry soiling is among the an important phase in furniture cleaning.

4. Preconditioning

Your upholstered objects will be pre-treated applying an appropriate solvent, in order to suspend the soil for effective soil and stain removal.

5. Deep soil extraction

Once the dirt is suspended, our high-tech truck-mounted deep soil extraction machine will cleanse the upholstered furniture using a natural rinsing solution.We use a jetless upholstery cleaning tool, to avoid over-wetting your furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

Your upholstery is groomed with a professional upholstery groomer. This process helps the textile dry much faster and at the right angle.

7. Drying

Your sofas may be dry by when we leave, thanks to our air blowers.

Reasons why we’re superior to our competition

Education & official certification

You never want to allow just any company clean your home furniture. They might end up doing more harm than good. We are certified by the IICRC with many years of practical experience in furniture cleaning.

Modern Technology

Our company uses state of the art machinery to achieve the very best results.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our guarantee means you will not need to worry about any stains reemerging again on your upholstered furniture. If you aren’t pleased with our cleaning service for any reason, we are going to come back out and re-clean that area.

Seven Phase Cleaning Method

We have created a 7 phase cleaning process, which guarantees to leave your sofas as clean as new.

Lots of happy clients from South Miami

Our company is a local family owned small business serving Miami-Dade and the city of South Miami. We are proud of our profession and love cleaning.

eco friendly, green cleaning and sanitizing materials

The cleaning solutions we work with are natural and absolutely safe for your household and your pets.