QuickerCleaner’s specialized upholstery cleaning method will rejuvenate and lengthen the life of your cushion, upholstered chair, loveseat, and other upholstered objects. Restore your furniture’s vivid color and aesthetic appeal.

No matter whether your furniture is composed of man made or natural fiber, we’re going to clean deep into its folds & crevices, removing staining, dirt, irritants and bacteria, and give your family members a cozy, fresh, clean couch.

Discover the quality of our company’s upholstery cleaning services in Coconut Creek, and you’ll see how we exceed our competitors. Give us a call, or have a look at our pricing.

Ironclad Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our work and work tirelessly for complete satisfaction 100% of the time, and we intend to do everything we can to make this happen. If you’re not completely satisfied with your upholstered furniture, we shall thoroughly clean the area once again.

IICRC Authorized Furniture Cleaner in Coconut Creek

The IICRC is a non-profit organization that sets the principle standards for the cleaning sector. We are IICRC licensed, trained to the highest expectations.

Meticulous Seven Stage Upholstery Cleaning Process

Quality and thorough upholstered furniture cleaning is difficult. Quickercleaner’s certified cleaning technicians follow the following 7 point system when cleaning chairs, drapery and other upholstered furniture:

1. Inspection and textile identification

Overview of the furniture, noting any burns, ribs or tears. Our technician will also establish precisely what your fabric is made out of, to make sure that we apply the appropriate cleaning agent.

Our technician can clean natural textiles, for example cotton, wool, linen, leather and suede, as well as synthetic fabric, such as chenille, microfiber and faux leather.

2. Testing

Trying the selected cleaning agent on an inconspicuous spot of the material, to make certain that they are compatible.

3. Dust and pre-vac

We will dust and vacuum your home furniture employing a professional upholstery vacuum cleaner to eliminate a large percentage of of the dried up soil that is commonly in the material.

4. Pre-spray

Spray the material evenly with the selected cleaning solution, to emulsify soil, stains and body oil. After the preconditioning solution is spread uniformly, we will agitate it into the material

5. A comprehensive cleaning

Now that the soiling has been suspended, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted steam cleaning unit will rinse the upholstery with a green rinsing solution.This particular step of the upholstery cleaning process {sanitizes and also deodorizes} upholstered furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

Your freshly cleaned couches are groomed with a professional upholstery groomer. This procedure will help the textile dry faster and in the ideal position.

7. Drying

Your upholstered furniture are generally dried up by the time we finish the job, thanks to our high powered air movers.

Not convinced yet? These are our company’s qualifications.

Training and official certification

Continuous education is important in this business, if we are to deliver the best quality cleaning service in your home. It is part of what keeps us ahead of the competition.

The Latest Equipment

Hardware is important when it comes to cleaning. We use top grade, modern cleaning machinery, to get your couches as clean as possible.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our guarantee means that you don’t have to be concerned about any spots reappearing again on your couches. If you aren’t pleased with our company’s cleaning service, we shall return and re-treat the area.

Seven Phase Method

We’ve crafted a 7 step cleaning system, which will leave your sofas like new.

Coconut Creek home owners rely on QuickerCleaner to thoroughly clean their sofas

We are a local small business offering our services to Broward and the city of Coconut Creek. We proud ourselves in our profession, and love cleaning.

family friendly, green cleaning solutions

QuickerCleaner uses environmentally safe solvents, all of which are designed to protect and of course, your loved ones’ health and protect the environment.