Is everyday wear and tear taking its toll on your furniture, turning it dirty and dull?

Our company knows what it takes to keep your furniture looking clean, whether it’s a chair, footstool, sofa or loveseat. Our company is skilled in cleaning upholstered furniture of all types, specializing in extracting contaminants and allergens, including:

food stains, odor, everyday dust, animal stains, pollen, animal fur, spills, grease

We use only top quality, cutting-edge tools, as well as the safest environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available.

When your couch is starting to show more dirty than cozy spaces, call QuickerCleaner, the Bay Harbor Islands upholstery cleaning experts. We vow to give you a lasting clean you will love.

Ironclad Guarantee

At QuickerCleaner, our principal goal is your full-blown satisfaction. In short, if you are not totally pleased with your cleaned furniture, simply tell us anytime within fourteen days and we will reclean the problem area totally free of charge.

IICRC Credentialed Sofa/Upholstery Cleaner in Bay Harbor Islands

The IICRC is an organization which sets the guiding standards for the cleaning industry. We’re IICRC certified, trained to the highest expectations.

Thorough Seven Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

Consistent with industry best practices and years of extensive experience, our technician will perform a seven phase cleaning process:

1. Evaluation and material identification

We are going to establish exactly what the fabric is manufactured of, which will decide what kind of pre-spray and rinsing products will be used. We will also take note of any potentiality uncleanable spots and complicated areas.We can clean natural upholstery, including leather, silk, linen and suede, as well as synthetic fiber, such as faux leather, acrylic fibers, chenille and microfiber.

2. Pre-test

Testing the chosen cleaning agent on a hidden spot of the upholstery, to be certain that they’re compatible.

3. Dusting and Pre-vacuuming

Your couches will be thoroughly vacuumedThe removal of dried out soil is amongst the an important step in upholstery cleaning.

4. Pre-treating and agitation

Mist the material with the chosen cleaning solution, to emulsify soiling, body oil and stains. After the solvent is spread evenly, we will gently rub it into the fabric

5. Extraction

Utilizing the industry’s best deep extraction gear, we will rinse away the suspended soil and any contaminants.This important phase of the cleaning process {sanitizes and even deodorizes} your furniture.

6. Fabric Grooming:

Your furniture is groomed with a special upholstery groomer. This helps the textile dry a lot quicker and in the right direction.

7. Speed dry

Your couches are likely to be dry by when we finish, thanks to our high powered air movers.

A few reasons why you should choose our services.

Education and accreditation

Ongoing education is important in this line of work, if we want to deliver the highest quality of service . This keeps QuickerCleaner ahead of other companies.

The Latest Equipment

Our pro technicians are equipped with the most effective cleaning equipment and agents.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

If any stains should reappear within two weeks of the original cleaning, we will happily come back to re-treat that particular surface.

Seven Point Upholstery Cleaning System

Did we mention our time-tested 7 step upholstery cleaning system? Find out more about it above.

Many happy customers in Bay Harbor Islands

Odds are good we’ve already cleaned the upholstery for somebody on your block in Bay Harbor Islands. Quite possibly more than one time.

family friendly, green cleaning and sanitizing materials

QuickerCleaner uses natural ingredients, all of which are designed to protect your own, and your loved ones’ well-being and protect the environment.