Is everyday use impacting your upholstered furniture, turning it grubby and discolored?

Our company knows what needs to be done to keep your household furniture looking clean, be it a sofa, loveseat, ottoman or upholstered chair. We are skilled in treating furnishings of every type, concentrating on extracting dirt and allergens, like:

pollen, spillages, grease, animal stains, food stains, dust, animal fur, odor


We use the best, cutting-edge cleaning tools, as well as the safest green products available.

If your couch is beginning to show more messy than cozy areas, contact QuickerCleaner, the Miami Beach upholstery cleaning
specialists. We vow to give you a long lasting clean you’re going to love.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our work is guaranteed by the QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you’re not totally pleased with our service for whatever reason at all, we will clean the area all over again.

IICRC Licensed Furniture Cleaner in Miami Beach

The IICRC is a body that sets the guiding standards for most of the cleaning sector. We are IICRC certified, trained to the strongest expectations.

Meticulous 7 Phase Upholstery Cleaning Method

Based on our industry’s best practices and our extensive experience, our technician will employ a seven stage cleaning and sanitizing process:

1. Inspection and fiber identification

Examination of the upholstery, noting any burns, ribs or tears. Also, we will determine what your material is made out of, to assure we work with the most appropriate cleaning solution.

Our technician can clean natural textiles, e.g. linen, wool, cotton, suede, leather and silk, as well as artificial materials, including chenille, acrylic fibers and microfiber.

2. Pre-test

We will test the chosen cleaning products on a discreet spot of the material, to confirm that they’re compatible.

3. Vacuuming

We will dust & vacuum your upholstered furniture employing a commercial upholstery vacuum, to clean out the majority of of the dried up dirt that is typically in the material.

4. Preconditioning and agitation

A suitable preconditioning agent is sprayed to break up stains, soil and body oil to get a thorough cleaning. Difficult spots are treated with specialized spotting agents to raise the chance of removal during the deep cleaning phase.

5. Extraction

Aided by the industry’s top deep soil extraction machines, we are going to deliver a thorough clean, flushing away the suspended soiling and any residues.

6. Material Grooming:

The textile is set in one direction with a upholstery rake to make your furniture look nicer and quicken the drying process.

7. Drying

Our high-powered air dryers will quickly dry your furniture.

Additional reasons why you should choose QuickerCleaner.

Training and accreditation

We are accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, holding various certifications.

Modern Technology

QuickerCleaner uses state-of-the-art machinery that is tough on dirt, but easy on your fabric.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

Our guarantee means that you really don’t have to worry about any stains reemerging on your upholstered furniture. If you aren’t pleased with our company’s service for any reason, we’re going to come back to re-clean that particular area.

7 Phase Cleaning System

To make certain your household furniture are cleaned to the maximum, we have a 7 step cleaning process, that will clean and transform your upholstered furniture.

Dozens of returning clients from Miami Beach

It’s likely that we have cleaned the upholstered furniture at one of your neighbors in Miami Beach. Probably more than once.

natural, environmentally safe materials

You want to keep environment free of dangerous chemicals, protect your loved ones and of course, pets. Our company uses the very best quality, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Choose QuickerCleaner for your furniture cleaning needs in Miami Beach. No hassle pricing, premium work, satisfaction guarantee, reputable, local business.