Our company’s reliable upholstery cleaning procedure will regenerate and extend the life span of your favorite cushion, ottoman, loveseat, and other upholstered furniture. Bring back your furniture’s radiant color and lavish touch.

It does not matter whether your furnishing is made of natural or man made materials, we’re going to clean deep into its crevices & folds, extracting stains, dirt, unhealthy bacteria and allergens, and leave your family members cozy, fresh furniture.

If you have to get your sofa or other upholstery cleaned, QuickerCleaner will be the best choice. But don’t take our word for it, have a glance at what our clients from Surfside say down the page.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

At QuickerCleaner, our primary goal is your total satisfaction. In short, if you are not perfectly pleased with your cleaned furniture, simply tell us anytime within fourteen days and we’ll reclean the problem area absolutely free.

IICRC Qualified Upholstery Cleaning in Surfside

The IICRC is a not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for most of the cleaning profession. Our company is IICRC accredited, trained to the highest expectations.

Precise 7 Point Upholstery Cleaning Method

Quality upholstery cleaning is tricky. Quickercleaner’s certified professionals follow the following seven step method when cleaning loveseats, ottomans and other furniture:

1. Overview and identification of the material

We will ascertain what is the fiber is manufactured of, which can set what kind of pre-spray and rinsing agents we can use. In addition, we are going to take note of any potentiality uncleanable stains and complicated areas.Our company can clean natural materials, like cotton, leather, suede, linen, wool and silk, and also man made fabric, for instance microfiber, acrylic fibers and chenille.

2. Pre-test

To prevent color transfer, we are going to try out the selected pre-spray and rinsing solvent on an invisible spot of the upholstery.To ensure the preferred cleaning product is well matched with the upholstery, we our technician will test it on a concealed spot.

3. Dust and pre-vac

Using professional vacuum cleaners, we’ll vacuum the home furniture, to remove the dried soiling that has amassed between cleanings.Extracting dried soiling is among the an essential phase in upholstery cleaning.

4. Pre-spray and pre-spot removal

Your upholstery will be pre-treated with the appropriate product to suspend the soil to increase the effectiveness of
steam cleaning.

5. Extraction

Now that the soil is suspended, our modern truck-mounted steam cleaning unit will flush your upholstered furniture with a natural cleaning solvent.This unique phase {sanitizes and also deodorizes} your home furniture.

6. Material Grooming:

The furniture will be readied for optimal drying with a delicate combing of the material.

7. Drying

Our company’s air dryers will easily dry your upholstery.

Reasons why we’re superior to our competitors

Training and certification

Ongoing training is important in our line of work, if we’re to provide the highest quality of service . This ongoing training is part of what keeps QuickerCleaner on the cutting edge, and ahead of other cleaning companies.

Modern Technology

Hardware does matterin the cleaning business. QuickerCleaner uses top of the range, modern equipment on every job, to get your upholstered furniture into the best shape possible.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our guarantee means that you won’t have to stress about any spots reemerging on your upholstered furniture. If you are not completely satisfied with our company’s cleaning service, we’re going to come back out to re-treat the problem area.

Seven Phase Method

We’ve crafted a seven stage cleaning process, which will leave your home furniture as clean as new.

People from Surfside depend on QuickerCleaner to clean their sofas

Odds are good we’ve already cleaned the upholstered furniture for someone on your street in Surfside. Probably more than just once.

environmentally safe, family friendly cleaning and sanitizing materials

The home furniture cleaning products we make use of are green, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for your home and your pets.