We understand that choosing a trustworthy carpet cleaner is often a stressful undertaking. How will it all turn out? What will it cost?

At QuickerCleaner, we want to make the carpet cleaning process easier for you by giving answers to your questions in advance, and delivering a fast, premium service, with clear rates.

Our company is experienced in deep cleaning all material types, not to mention each and every spotting issue you may run into. We will clean your carpeting of all dirt, soil and filtration soiling, to bring them back as close to their original state as you possibly can.


Our firm uses only the best tools, and naturally, the safest eco friendly solutions available. Safeguarding your family’s health, and the environment are of paramount concern to our company.

Should you have to have your carpets cleaned in Bal Harbour, QuickerCleaner is there for you. Contact us today for an absolutely free price estimate, or take a look at our pricing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company guarantees our work and work tirelessly for 100% satisfaction, and we’ll do all we can to achieve this goal. If you’re not completely satisfied with your carpeting, we shall clean the area again.

IICRC Approved Carpet Cleaner in Bal Harbour

Our cleaning professionals are certified and trained by the IICRC, the premier instructional body in the carpet cleaning industry. Our company continuously stays up-to-date with our industry’s technologies and trends, to offer the highest quality treatments possible.

Precise 9 Phase System

As per IICRC advised recommendations and QuickerCleaner’s extensive experience, we perform a 9 phase cleaning and rinsing process, in order to get your carpet looking like new:

1. The pre-inspection

Our steam cleaning service starts with a thorough pre-inspection. We will look over your particular areas of concern, and of course take note of carpet construction and irreversible stains. Rest assured, nearly all spots can be treated.

2. Preparation of your furniture

All furniture is moved, apart from heavy and fragile things, for instance bookcases full of books, dressers, china cabinets, beds and large dining tables or electronic equipment for example DVD players, stereos, computers and TV’s due to liability. We are going to clean around and under these items. Kindly move dinner table items yourself, before we arrive.

3. Pre-vacuuming if needed

Using commercial grade vacuums, we’re going to deep vacuum and pile lift your carpets, to clear away the dry soiling that has collected since the last cleaning.Clearing away dry soil is considered to be a critical step in carpet cleaning.

4. Pre-treating

A suitable preconditioning agent is sprayed and left to dwell, to decompose traffic area soiling and various other spots to get a complete cleaning. Challenging stains are treated with special cleaning solutions to help increase the chance of complete removal over the steam cleaning phase.

5. Steam cleaning

Once the dirt is loosened, our high-tech truck-mounted extraction unit will thoroughly clean the carpet using a natural rinsing agent. The water temperature coming from our unit will be between 185°F to 200°F. The water temperature and pressure is actively controlled so that your carpet is not over-wet.

6. Spot treatment

Whenever a spot or two are not removed during the fifth step, custom stain treatment methods are used.

Please also note that we may perhaps find irreversible stains which unfortunately can’t be extracted. In general, this happens with older flooring that has not been cleaned in many years. To illustrate, these types of stains might be wood finish stains, rubber backing stains and plasticizer migration.

7. pH balancing

Each and every carpet that we treat is pH neutralized, so there is no viscid residual deposit left behind. It helps to prevent yellowing, stabilizes dyes and leaves your carpet it’s cleanest.

8. Grooming

Your freshly cleaned carpet is raked with a special carpet groomer, so that the pile of the material stands tall. Grooming helps the cleaned floor dry sooner and in the right position.

9. Power dry

Our high power air movers will send air over your freshly cleaned carpets, getting them dry in no time at all.

More reasons why you’ll want to choose our services.

Education & accreditation

Our staff is trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, holding various certifications.

Modern Technology

Hardware really matters, when it comes to cleaning. QuickerCleaner uses top end, advanced cleaning machinery, to get your carpeting and rugs as clean as humanly possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If any spots should reappear, we’ll gladly return and re-clean the problem surface within 2 weeks of the original cleaning.

Nine Point Process

Have we mentioned QuickerCleaner’s tested 9 stage carpet cleaning system? Find out more about this above.

Lots of returning clients from Bal Harbour

It’s likely that we’ve cleaned the carpeting at one of your next-door neighbors in Bal Harbour. Most likely more than one time.

Green, family friendly cleaning solutions

The carpet cleaning solutions we utilize are natural, non-toxic and completely safe for your household and your pets.