We understand that choosing a responsible carpet cleaner can be a nerve-racking undertaking. Exactly how will it all turn out? How much is it going to cost? Exactly how long can it take the freshly carpet to dry out?

At QuickerCleaner, we want to make the process smoother for you, through addressing all of your concerns up front, and delivering a high quality service, with straight forward rates.

We’re experienced in cleaning all textile types, be it polypropylene, wool, cotton, nylon, polyester or acrylic, not to mention pretty much every spotting issue you can run into. We are going to free your home’s carpet of all the filtration soiling, germs and soil, returning them as close to their original appearance as you possibly can.

Our firm uses only incredibly effective, cutting-edge machines, and the safest environmentally safe agents on the market. Protecting your family’s health, and planet Earth are very important to our company.

Should your carpeting start looking worn, and tarnished, contact QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaning company in South Miami. We promise to deliver a long-lasting clean you will tell your friends about.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company guarantees the quality of our work and strive for 100% satisfaction, and we are going to do all we can to make this happen. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your homes carpeting, we will thoroughly clean the problem area once again.

IICRC Registered Carpet Cleaner in South Miami

The IICRC is a not-for-profit organization which establishes the standards for most of the cleaning industry. We are IICRC accredited, trained to the highest expectations.

Thorough nine Phase Carpet Cleaning System

Quality carpet cleaning is tricky. Our company’s certified cleaning experts follow the following nine point system when cleaning your carpeting:

1. Overview

Our steam cleaning service starts with a thorough pre-inspection. Our technician will look over any areas of concern, and of course take note of irreversible stains and soiling conditions. Don’t worry, nearly all spots can be corrected.

2. Moving of furniture

We will move your furniture, apart from big, delicate objects, such as large dining tables, pianos and china cabinets and electronics for instance computers, stereos and TV’s. We are going to clean beneath & around these . Feel free to move table items yourself, in advance of our arrival.

3. Pre-vacuuming

We will pre-vacuum your carpets and
rugs with a commercial vacuum to remove a lot of the dried up dirt that’s generally in the carpeting.Removing dried out soil is amongst the a very important step in carpet cleaning.

4. Preconditioning and pre-spot removal

Certain spots must be preconditioned for better extraction. If your technician finds anything which involves an extensive means of removal, he will tell you. For instance, in the case of large ink stains, magic marker lines or wine stains.

5. A thorough cleaning

Now that the dirt is suspended, our truck-mounted steam cleaning unit will thoroughly clean your carpet using a biological rinsing solution. The water temperature coming from our machinery will be between 190°F to 210°F. Heat and pressure is controlled so that your carpet is not over-wet.

6. Spot treatment

In case a spot is not totally removed during the preceding step, specialty stain removal techniques have to be used.

Please also note that we may point out some irreversible staining which regretfully can not be taken out, in general on older flooring that has not been cleaned in years. Wood stains and rubber backing stains are examples of such stains.

7. pH neutralizer

Each and every carpet our company cleans is pH neutralized, and so there is no sticky residue left behind. It stabilizes color and leaves your carpet it’s cleanest.

8. Grooming

The carpet nap is set in one direction with a professional carpet groomer, to speed up the drying process and make your carpeted surfaces look nicer.

9. Drying

If there’s any remaining water in your carpets, we’ll turn on our high-powered air movers to reduce the time it will take to completely dry your carpeted surfaces.

Still having second thoughts? Allow me to share our qualifications.

Education & official certifications

You never want to let just any company clean your carpet. They could end up causing more harm than good. We are accredited by the IICRC with numerous years of experience in carpet cleaning.

The Latest Technology

The right tools and equipment does matter when it comes to cleaning. Our company uses top of the range, modern cleaning equipment, to get your carpeting and rugs into the best shape possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you won’t have to worry about any stains reemerging again on your carpeting. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our company’s work for any reason, we shall return and re-clean the area.

Nine Step Process

We’ve developed a 9 stage cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your rugs and carpets as clean as new.

Many happy customers in South Miami

South Miami homeowners in Miami-Dade contact us repeatedly, to get their rugs cleaned.

Natural, family friendly cleaning materials

Our company uses natural ingredients, formulated to protect your own, and your family members’ well-being and our planet.