Upholding a healthy household involves much more than simply washing the dishes and dusting the furniture. For that total clean, that can benefit the overall health of your loved ones, you can trust QuickerCleaner to deep clean your carpeting.

Our carpet cleaners will not only steam clean your carpeted floors, but also target those hard to clean stains which can harbor a myriad of unhealthy soiling and germs.

If you need to get your carpets cleaned in Sea Ranch Lakes, QuickerCleaner is the best choice. Call us today for a no cost price estimate, or check out our prices online.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our work is guaranteed by our QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely pleased with our work for any reason at all, we will clean the area again.

IICRC Authorized Carpet Cleaning in Sea Ranch Lakes

QuickerCleaner’s technicians are trained by the IICRC, the top training organization in the carpet cleaning industry. Our company continuously stays up-to-date with our industry’s trends and technical development, to present you with the best treatments.

Precise Nine Step System

Superior carpet cleaning isn’t easy. Quickercleaner’s certified cleaning specialists follow the below-listed nine point method when cleaning your carpeting:

1. The pre-inspection

Our deep soil extraction service starts out with a thorough walk through. We will discuss anything of concern, and note carpet fabrication and potentially permanent stains. Rest assured, nearly all household spots can be cleaned.

2. Moving your furniture

We will move your furniture, apart from heavy or delicate items, such as pianos, dressers, bookcases full of books, beds and china cabinets or any electronic equipment including stereos, DVD players, TV’s and computers because of liability. We will clean around & beneath these items. Feel free to move table items yourself, prior to our arrival.

3. Vacuuming if needed

We will pre-vacuum your carpets and
rugs employing a commercial vacuum to clean out most of the dried soil that’s commonly in the carpeting.

4. Pre-treating

The chosen preconditioning agent is sprayed to break down traffic area soiling and various spots to get a complete cleaning. Difficult stains are treated with special cleaning agents, to raise the probability of removal during the deep cleaning phase.

5. Extraction

Once the dirt has been loosened, our truck-mounted extraction machine will thoroughly cleanse your carpet using a biological rinsing solvent. The temperature of the water during the cleaning process will be around 180°F – 215°F.

6. Post spot treatment

In cases where a spot is not completely taken out during the hot water extraction process, specialized spotting techniques will be utilized.

Please bare in mind that our technician may point out irreversible stains which regretfully can’t be extracted, primarily on older floors which haven’t been steam cleaned in a long time. For instance, these stains would be plasticizer migration and wood finish stains.

7. pH neutralizer

Every single carpet that we clean is pH balanced, so there is no pasty deposit left behind. It stabilizes color, leaves your carpet with a fresh feel and smell and protects against yellowing.

8. Carpet grooming

The carpet nap is set in one direction with a professional carpet groomer to increase the life of your carpeting and quicken the drying process.

9. Power dry

Our company’s high powered air blowers will blast air rushing over your carpets and rugs, getting them dry before you know it.


Why choose QuickerCleaner?

Specialized Training & official certification

Our technicians are trained by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), holding several certifications.

State of the Art Technology

Our company uses state-of-the-art machinery to achieve optimal results.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If any spots reappear, we will come back out to re-clean the surface within two weeks of the initial cleaning.

9 Stage Method

We have developed a 9 phase cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your carpets looking like new.

Countless happy customers in Sea Ranch Lakes

Sea Ranch Lakes homeowners in Broward County contact us on a regular basis, to have their carpets cleaned.

Green, family friendly cleaning materials

Our company uses green ingredients, which are formulated to protect your own, and your family members’ well-being and preserve our planet.