We understand that selecting a trustworthy carpet cleaning company is a stress-filled process. How exactly will it all turn out? Exactly how long time does it normally take? How much money will I pay? Just how long can it take the freshly carpet to become dry?

We want to make things easier for you, by giving an answer to any questions up front, and providing a fast, premium cleaning service, with transparent pricing.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in steam cleaning all fabric types, be it polyester, acrylic, wool, cotton or polypropylene, and pretty much every spotting issue you could possibly encounter. We will clean your home’s carpets of all germs, soil, dirt and filtration soiling, returning them as close to their original state as possible.

We use only the highest quality equipment, and the safest eco friendly products . Protecting the health of your family, and our environment are of paramount concern to our company.

Once your carpet start looking dull, and stained, contact QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaner in Davie. We promise to give you a thorough clean you will tell your friends about.

The QuickerCleaner Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our work and strive for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time, and we intend to do everything possible to achieve this goal. In the highly unlikely case you are not completely satisfied with your carpeting, we’ll clean the area once again.

IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner in Davie

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is a body that establishes the principle standards for most of the cleaning profession. We’re IICRC accredited, educated to the strongest expectations.

Thorough 9 Stage Cleaning System

High quality and effective carpet cleaning is not straightforward. Our company’s certified cleaning technicians use the below-listed nine phase system when cleaning your carpets:

carpet-cleaning-davie1. Walk-through

Our carpet cleaning service starts with a proper walk-through. We will inspect your areas of concern, as well as note possibly permanent stains and carpet construction. Have no worries, 99% of spots can be remedied.

2. Getting your furniture ready

We will move your furniture, except overweight, delicate things, for instance china cabinets, beds and pianos and electronic equipment such as DVD players, TV’s, computers and stereos on account of liability. We’ll clean under & around these objects. Please move table items yourself.

3. Vacuum cleaning if needed

Using commercial grade vacuums, we are going to vacuum and additionally lift the pile of your carpet, to clean out the loose soiling that could possibly have accumulated since the previous deep cleaning.

4. Pre-spray

Some stains will be pre-treated for better removal. If our technician discovers anything which calls for a time consuming cleaning process, he will discuss it with you. For example, if there were large ink stains, wine stains or red dyes.

5. A thorough cleaning

Utilizing the industry’s best steam cleaning gear, we’re going to wash out the suspended dirt and all residues.This unique step {sanitizes and even deodorizes} your carpets.

6. Spot treatment

In cases where a spot or two are not entirely removed during the previous step, special spotting methods will be utilized.

Please be aware that our cleaning specialist may perhaps find irreversible stains that unfortunately can’t be removed. Generally, this could be the case with older floors that haven’t been cleaned by professionals in a very long time. To illustrate, such stains are rubber backing stains and wood stains.

7. pH balancing

The pH is returned to normal levels on every carpet cleaned. This is actually a particularly important step in the cleaning process often overlooked by unskilled carpet cleaners, because alkalescent fibers attract dust. It is usually carried out during the rinse process, or if more fitting, by applying a post treatment.

8. Carpet grooming

The nap is groomed in one direction with a special carpet groomer to quicken the drying process and increase the life of your carpeting.

9. Power dry

Our high powered air blowers will blast air rushing over your floors, drying them in no time at all.

The reasons why we are the number one carpet cleaner in Davie

Education and official certification

You don’t want to let just anybody clean your floors. They might do more harm than good. We are trained by the IICRC with many years of practical experience in cleaning.

State of the Art Technology

Equipment makes a difference when it comes to cleaning. QuickerCleaner uses top of the range cleaning machinery, to get your carpeting as clean as humanly possible.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any spots should reemerge, we will happily come back and re-treat the area within two weeks from the initial cleaning.

Nine Phase Carpet Cleaning Method

Have we mentioned QuickerCleaner’s tested 9 phase cleaning method? Read more about this above.

People from Davie count on QuickerCleaner to thoroughly clean their floors

Davie homeowners in Broward county call us repeatedly, to have their carpeting and rugs cleaned.

eco friendly, environmentally safe cleaning solutions

The rug and carpet cleaning products we use are non-toxic, green and very safe for your household and your pets.