We fully understand that selecting a reliable carpet cleaning company is often a difficult process. Precisely how will the whole thing turn out? Just how long time does it normally take? How much will it cost?

Our company wants to make the process more convenient for you through talking about your concerns up front, and providing a quick, high quality service, with straight forward prices.

Our company is experienced in deep cleaning all textile types, and of course pretty much every soiling issue you can run into. Let us clean your carpeting of all dirt, soil and filtration soiling, to bring them back as close to their original condition as possible.

Our technicians only use the most reliable accessories, and of course, the safest green products on the market.

If your carpeting start becoming worn, and/or discolored, contact QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaning company in  Key Biscayne. We promise to give you a thorough clean all of your friends will notice.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

QuickerCleaner guarantees our work and aim for your complete satisfaction 100% of the time and we will do everything to make this happen. In the highly unlikely case you are not completely satisfied with your homes carpets, we are going to thoroughly clean the area all over again.

IICRC Licensed Carpet Cleaner in Key Biscayne

All of our technicians are accredited by the IICRC, the top academic non-profit organization in the carpet cleaning industry. We continuously stay current with our industry’s trends and technologies, to offer the finest carpet cleaning solutions.

Thorough nine Phase Cleaning System

Consistent with IICRC proposed guidelines and our company’s extensive experience, we use a 9 stage cleaning process, in order to get your carpet looking like new:

1. Walk-through

First off we will inspect the floors to be cleaned and pinpoint any problem areas, for instance pet urine, damaged carpeting, hard to clean stains or serious soiling. When necessary, we will talk with you about what can be done to deal with these.

2. Moving your furniture

We can move lightweight house furniture before commencing the carpet cleaning process. Note, that we comply with industry basic safety guidelines when moving furniture around.

3. Vacuuming

Your carpeting will be vacuum cleaned employing a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean out the majority of of the dried up dirt that’s generally in the material.Removing dried out soiling is considered to be an essential phase in carpet cleaning.

4. Pre-spray

An appropriate preconditioning agent is applied and allowed to dwell, to break up soiling and various other spots for a thorough cleaning. Problematical spots are treated with specialized spotting agents for increasing the chance of complete removal during the deep soil extraction step.

5. Deep soil extraction

Utilizing the industry’s top rated hot water extraction machines, we’re going to rinse away the suspended soil and any residues.

6. Post spot treatment

In case a stain or two are not taken out during the deep soil extraction process, specialty spot treatment practices are used.

Please note that our cleaning specialist may point out permanent stains which regretfully cannot be removed. Typically, this could be the case with older floor carpeting that has not been professionally cleaned in a long time. Plasticizer migration, wood stains and rubber backing stains are examples of irreversible stains.

7. pH balancing

Each and every carpet our company cleans is pH balanced, so that there is no sticky residue left behind. It leaves your carpet softer, protects against browning and stabilizes color.

8. Carpet grooming

We will groom your carpet to lift the nap and in doing so return that just-like-new look. Furthermore, this process is going to help reduce the length of time it will take the material to fully dry and increase the life of your carpeting.

9. Drying

Any residual water in your carpets is going to be dried, utilizing our air blowers.

The reason why we’re the number one carpet cleaning company in Key Biscayne

Education and official certification

You really don’t want to let just any company clean your carpeting and rugs. They could end up causing more harm than good. We are IICRC certified professionals with many years of practical experience in cleaning.

State of the Art Technology

QuickerCleaner’s professional technicians use the most efficient cleaning equipment and solutions.


Our iron clad guarantee means you don’t have to be concerned about any stains reappearing on your carpets or rugs. If you aren’t pleased with our cleaning service for any reason, we shall come back to re-treat that particular area.

9 point carpet cleaning method

To make sure your rugs and carpets are cleaned to the maximum, we have a 9 step cleaning process, that will do wonders to the appearance of your carpets.

Key Biscayne residents rely on QuickerCleaner to clean their carpets

Our company is a local family owned business offering our services to Miami-Dade and the Key Biscayne community. We are proud of our profession and love our job.

Natural, family friendly cleaning solutions

QuickerCleaner uses green ingredients, developed to protect your own, and your loved ones’ health and protect our planet.