We fully understand that choosing a reliable carpet cleaning company can be a difficult undertaking. Precisely how will the whole thing turn out? Exactly how long can it take? What is it going to cost? Just how long will it take the steam cleaned carpet to become dry?

Our company wants to make the carpet cleaning process more comfortable for you, through giving answers to each of your questions beforehand, and giving you a hassle-free, high quality service, with transparent pricing.

We are experienced in steam cleaning all carpet types, as well as every soiling condition you may come across. We are going to rid your carpeting of all the dirt, dust mites and soil, to bring them back as close to their original appearance as you possibly can.

Our company only use the highest quality accessories, and naturally, the safest eco-friendly solvents .

When your carpets start looking dull, and discolored, call QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaning company in Wilton Manors. We promise to give you a long-lasting clean all of your friends will notice.


Our Company’s Ironclad Guarantee

At QuickerCleaner, our fundamental goal is your total satisfaction. In short, if you are not perfectly satisfied with your carpeting, just tell us anytime within 14 days and we are going to redo the area completely free.

IICRC Licensed Carpet Cleaning in Wilton Manors

Our technicians are accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the most recognized academic body in the cleaning trade. Our company continuously stays current with our industry’s trends and technologies, to present you with only the best cleaning treatments.

Precise 9 Stage Process

Consistent with industry best practices and years of experience, we perform a nine step cleaning and rinsing process, to really get your carpets ultra clean:

1. The pre-inspection

Our company’s deep soil extraction service starts out with a quick pre-inspection. Our cleaner will identify your surfaces of concern, as well as note irreversible stains and carpet fabrication. Don’t worry, nearly all household spots can be cleaned.

2. Getting your furniture ready

We will move your furniture, except for big or breakable items, for example beds, bookcases full of books, china cabinets, pianos and large dining tables and any electronics for instance TV’s, computers and DVD players due to liability. We will clean around & under these objects. Feel free to move table items yourself, ahead of our arrival.

3. Pre-vacuuming if needed

Your carpeting and rugs will be fully vacuumed employing a commercial vacuum cleaner, to remove almost all of the dried up soil that is generally in the carpeting.Eliminating dried out soil is one of the a very important step in carpet cleaning.

4. Pre-treating and pre-spot removal

An appropriate preconditioning agent is sprayed to decompose traffic area soiling and various other stains for a thorough cleaning. Problematic spots are treated with specialized spotting solutions for increasing the probability of complete removal during the steam cleaning phase.

5. A comprehensive cleaning

Now that the dirt is suspended, our high-tech truck-mounted deep soil extraction machine will clean your carpeting using a natural cleaning solution. The water temperature coming from our unit will be 175 to 210°F. Heat and pressure level is actively adjusted so that your carpet is not over-wet.This phase of the carpet cleaning process {sanitizes and additionally deodorizes} your carpet.

6. Post spot treatment

If perhaps a spot is not totally taken out during the 5th step, specialized stain treatment practices will be used.

Please be aware that our cleaning technician may perhaps point out irreversible stains that unfortunately cannot be removed, in general on older floor carpeting which has not been professionally cleaned in a long time. For example, such stains would be plasticizer migration and area rug rubber backing stains.

7. pH balancing

The pH is balanced on all of the carpet deep cleaned. This is actually a particularly important step often neglected by inexperienced carpet cleaning companies, because of the fact that high pH fibers attract dirt and dust. It is done during the extraction process, and sometimes by using a post treatment.

8. Grooming

We are going to groom your carpeting to restore the pile and thereby return that new-like look. This will also help minimize the drying time and prolong the life of your carpeting.

9. Drying

If there is any leftover water in your carpets, we will turn on our high-powered air movers to lessen the time it takes to dry out your floors.

Why should you choose our services?

Specialized Training & official certifications

Our staff is trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, possessing numerous certifications.

State of the Art Technology

Hardware makes a difference when it comes to cleaning. Our company uses top grade machinery, to get your carpets as clean as humanly possible.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any stains reappear, we will gladly come back to re-clean the problem area within two weeks from the original cleaning.

9 Step Process

We’ve created a 9 stage cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your carpets as clean as new.

Countless happy customers from Wilton Manors

Our company is a local family owned small business offering our services to the Wilton Manors community. We proud ourselves in our work, and love our job.

Eco friendly, family friendly cleaning solutions

You want to keep household chemical free, protect your loved ones and your family pets. We use the best quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.