We understand that finding a responsible carpet cleaner might be a stressful process. Precisely how will it all turn out? Just how long time does it normally take? How much will it cost? When will the carpet dry?

At QuickerCleaner, we want to make things more comfortable for you by giving an answer to each of your questions in advance, and giving you a premium service, with clear rates.


We are experienced in steam cleaning all textile types, and of course every single soiling problem you could possibly run into. Let us clean your carpeting of all soil, filtration soiling and dust, bringing them back as close to their original state as possible.

Our technicians only use the highest quality, modern tools, and the safest eco-friendly solvents .

When you have to get your carpets cleaned in Cooper City, QuickerCleaner is the best choice. Call us right now for an absolutely free estimate, or take a look at our pricing page.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our fundamental objective is your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your cleaned carpeting, inform us within fourteen days and we are going to redo the area without charge.

IICRC Accredited Carpet Cleaning in Cooper City

Our technicians are trained by the IICRC, the most recognized training and standard setting non-profit organization in the cleaning sector. We continuously stay up to date with our industry’s technologies and trends, to provide the best cleaning solutions.

Meticulous nine Step Cleaning System

Superior and comprehensive carpet cleaning is tricky. Our certified cleaning technicians follow the following 9 stage process when cleaning your carpets:

1. The pre-inspection

First we will walk through the floors to be cleaned and identify all problem areas, like damaged carpeting, pet urine, stubborn spots or intense soiling. If needed, we are going to discuss the things we can do to deal with them.

2. Getting your furniture ready

Sofas, recliners, coffee tables will be moved out of the way by our technician. Heavier home furnishings, for example dressers and bookcases are usually not moved, unless you specifically request this additional service in advance.

3. Pre-vacuuming if needed

Working with commercial grade vacuum cleaners, we will vacuum and also lift the pile of your carpets, to clear away the dried soiling that could have collected between cleanings.Cleaning out dry soil is amongst the a very important step in carpet cleaning.

4. Pre-spray and pre-spot removal

Your carpeting will be preconditioned applying an appropriate solvent, to suspend the soil to increase the effectiveness of
deep soil extraction.

5. A thorough cleaning

Now that the soil is suspended, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted extraction machine will clean your carpet with a green rinsing solution. The temperature of the water flowing from our unit will be 175 – 210°F.This unique stage {sanitizes as well as deodorizes} your carpets.

6. Spotting

If perhaps a stain is not totally taken out during the course of the carpet cleaning phase, special spotting practices will be employed.

Please bare in mind that we may find irreversible stains which unfortunately can not be removed, typically on older carpeting which hasn’t been professionally cleaned in a very long time. For example, such stains are plasticizer migration and wood stains.

7. pH balancing

The pH is returned to normal on all of the carpet deep cleaned. This is actually an especially important step often neglected by unskilled carpet cleaning companies, since alkalescent carpets attract dirt. pH balancing is accomplished during the extraction procedure, or possibly by applying a post spray.

8. Grooming

Your floors are groomed using a professional carpet groomer, to pull up the pile of the carpet. Grooming helps the material dry sooner and in the correct direction.

9. Quick-dry

In case there is any remaining water in the carpeting, we will bring in our air movers to decrease the drying period.

The reason why we are the top rated carpet cleaner in Cooper City

Specialized Training and official certifications

Ongoing education is vital in our business, if we are to give you the very best quality cleaning service to you. This keeps our company on the cutting edge, and ahead of other cleaning companies.

The Latest Equipment

Our company’s specialized technicians use the most efficient cleaning accessories and products.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

Our company is 100% sure you’re going to be thrilled about our service. Call us in case you have any problems and we will re-clean that particular area for free.

Nine Stage Carpet Cleaning Process

Have we mentioned our company’s proven 9 point carpet cleaning system? Learn more about this above.

Cooper Cityresidents count on our company to clean their carpet

It’s quite possible we have cleaned the carpets and rugs for somebody on your block in Cooper City. Most likely more than just once.

Family friendly, green solutions

The cleaning products we make use of are green, natural and completely safe for your home and family pets.