We fully understand that selecting a dependable carpet cleaner can be a stress-filled undertaking. How will the whole thing turn out? How much is it going to cost?

Our company wants to make the carpet cleaning process more convenient for you through answering your questions beforehand, and delivering a quick, high quality cleaning service, with straight forward rates.

Our company is experienced in treating all carpet types, be it nylon, wool, acrylic, polyester, cotton or polypropylene, as well as every single soiling problem you can run into. We’re going to clean your carpet floors of all the germs, dust, dirt and soil, returning them as close to their original appearance as possible.

We only work with highly efficient, cutting-edge tools, and of course, the healthiest eco-friendly solvents on the market. Guarding the health of your family members, and our environment are extremely important to our company.

Should your carpeting start looking dull, and discolored, call QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaning company in Bay Harbor Islands. We promise to deliver a thorough clean you will absolutely love.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our fundamental objective is your total satisfaction. In short, if you are not completely satisfied with your cleaned carpets, simply tell us anytime within 2 weeks and we are going to redo the problem area free of charge.

carpet-cleaning-bay-harbour-islandsIICRC Licensed Carpet Cleaner in Bay Harbor Islands

Our cleaning professionals are certified by the IICRC, the largest educational and standard setting body in the cleaning industry. We stay current with our industry’s trends and technical development, to present you with only the highest quality carpet cleaning services.

Meticulous nine Stage Cleaning System

Based on our industry’s best practices and our extensive experience, we employ a 9 phase cleaning and sanitizing process:

1. Walk-through

Before anything else we are going to inspect the floors to be cleaned, pinpoint the problem areas, which can include pet odor, damaged carpeting and severe soiling. If needed, we are going to discuss the things we can do to treat these.

2. Furniture prep

We will move your furniture, except heavier or fragile items, like large dining tables, dressers, china cabinets and bookcases full of books and electronics for example stereos, TV’s and computers. We will clean around and underneath these objects. Kindly move table items yourself, before we arrive.

3. Pre-vacuuming

Your carpets and rugs will be vacuumed with a powerful vacuum, to remove a large percentage of of the dried up dirt that is commonly in the carpeting.

4. Pre-treating

Your carpets will be pre-treated using an appropriate product, in order to suspend the soil to increase the effectiveness of
steam cleaning.

5. Hot water extraction

After the soil is suspended, our high-tech truck-mounted deep soil extraction machine will thoroughly flush the carpets using a biological rinsing solvent. The water temperature throughout the cleaning process will be 180 – 220°F. Pressure and heat is actively controlled so that your carpet is not over-wet.

6. Spot treatment

In case a stain or two are not removed during the 5th step, specialty spot removal practices will be utilized.

Please be aware that our technician may identify irreversible staining that unfortunately can’t be extracted. Generally, this could happen with older flooring that hasn’t been cleaned by professionals in many years. For instance, these stains might be plasticizer migration and rubber backing stains.

7. pH neutralizer

The pH is neutralized on every carpet steam cleaned. This is an especially important step in the cleaning process often overlooked by untrained carpet cleaners, since high pH fibers attract dust and dirt. It is usually performed during the rinse process, and sometimes by misting a post treatment.

8. Grooming

We are going to groom your carpeting to raise the pile and thus return that new-like look. In addition, this step will help decrease the dry-time and prolong the life of your carpet.

9. Drying

Any remaining water in your carpeting is going to be dried, utilizing our air blowers.

Still having second thoughts? Allow me to share our qualifications.

Training and official certification

You don’t want to let just any company clean your floors. They could even do more harm than good. We are IICRC certified and trained professionals with years of experience in cleaning.

Modern Equipment

We use state of the art machinery to achieve the very best results.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our guarantee means you won’t need to worry about any spots reappearing on your carpets. If you aren’t satisfied with our company’s service, we shall come back and re-treat that particular area.

Nine Step CleaningSystem

Did we mention our tried and true nine step cleaning system? Find out more about it above.

Clients from Bay Harbor Islands depend on us to clean their floors

We are a local family owned small business serving the town of Bay Harbor Islands. We proud ourselves in our profession and love cleaning.

Natural, environmentally safe cleaning materials

You want to keep household free of unhealthy chemicals, protect your family and family pets. QuickerCleaner uses the very best quality, non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning items.