We know that finding a dependable carpet cleaning company is often a stress-filled undertaking. How will the cleaning turn out? How much will it cost? When will the carpet become dry?

At QuickerCleaner, we want to make the process more comfortable for you, through addressing your worries up front, and delivering a fast, quality service, with transparent prices.

Our company is experienced in steam cleaning all carpet types, not to mention every soiling condition you may come across. We can clean your carpets and rugs of all filtration soiling, bacteria, soil, germs and dirt, bringing them back as close to their original state as you possibly can.

Our firm uses only the highest quality, advanced machines, and the healthiest eco-friendly solvents available. Guarding the health of your family, and the environment are extremely important to our company.

When your carpet start turning dull, and/or discolored, call QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaning team in Lauderdale By The Sea. We promise to deliver a long-lasting clean you will absolutely love.


Ironclad Guarantee

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your cleaned carpeting, just let us know anytime within 2 weeks and we’ll reclean the area completely free.

IICRC Licensed Carpet Cleaning in Lauderdale By The Sea

The IICRC is a body which creates the standards for most of the cleaning sector. Our company is IICRC qualified, trained to the highest expectations.

Precise 9 Stage Carpet Cleaning Method

Top quality carpet cleaning is difficult. Our certified cleaning technicians use the following 9 phase system when cleaning the carpeting in your home:

1. Walk-through

Our steam cleaning service begins with a thorough walk-through. Our technician will talk about anything of concern, and note carpet construction and soiling conditions. Don’t worry, nearly 100% of household spots can be treated.

2. Preparation of your furniture

We will move your furniture, with the exception of overweight or fragile things, like large dining tables, dressers and beds and electronic equipment such as stereos, TV’s and computers. We are going to clean beneath and around these items. Please move table items yourself, before we arrive.

3. Pre-vacuuming

Your floors will be thoroughly vacuum cleaned with a professional vacuum, to clear away a lot of the dried dirt that’s generally in the carpeting.

4. Pre-treating

The chosen pre-spray is sprayed and allowed to dwell, to decompose soil and other spots to get a thorough cleaning. Challenging spots are pre-treated with special cleaning agents for increasing the probability of removal in the deep soil extraction step.

5. A comprehensive cleaning

Once the soiling is loosened, our high-tech truck-mounted deep soil extraction unit will thoroughly rinse your carpet with a natural cleaning solvent. The temperature of the water during the cleaning process will be between 190°F to 205°F. Heat and pressure level is actively regulated so that your carpet is not over-wet.This important phase of the cleaning process {sanitizes as well as deodorizes} your carpet.

6. Spot extraction

Any time a stain is not entirely removed in stage 5, specialty spot removal techniques are used.

Please note that our cleaning specialist may perhaps identify irreparable staining which unfortunately can’t be extracted, mainly on older carpeting which hasn’t been steam cleaned in a very long time. Area rug rubber backing stains, plasticizer migration and wood stains are instances of permanent stains.

7. pH neutralizer

Our technician will pH balance all of the carpet cleaned. This is actually a really important step often neglected by other carpet cleaning companies, because of the fact that high pH fibers attract dirt and dust. It is carried out during the course of the rinse process, or if more appropriate, by applying a post treatment.

8. Grooming

The pile is groomed in one direction by using a special carpet rake to make your carpeting look like new and extend the life of your carpet.

9. Speed dry

Our high powered air movers will quickly dry the carpets.

Still not convinced? Have a look at our company’s credentials.

Specialized Training & official certifications

You never want to let just anybody clean your carpet. They might do damage. We are trained by the IICRC with years of experience in cleaning.

The Latest Technology

Our company uses state of the art truck-mount and portable equipment that’s tough on dirt, yet easy on your carpet.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our satisfaction guarantee means you won’t have to be concerned about any stains reappearing on your carpeting and rugs. If you’re not satisfied with our cleaning service, we shall return to re-clean that particular area.

Nine Point CleaningMethod

To see to it that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned, we have a 9 point cleaning system, that will clean and transform your floors.

Lots of happy clients in Lauderdale By The Sea

Chances are high that we have already cleaned the carpets at one of your neighbors in Lauderdale By The Sea. Quite possibly more than once.

Eco friendly, natural cleaning materials

The rug and carpet cleaning products we use are natural, environmentally friendly and very safe for your household and your pets.