We know that selecting a responsible carpet cleaning company might be a difficult undertaking. How will it all turn out? How much is it going to cost? When will the steam cleaned carpet dry out?

Our company wants to make things smoother for you, by addressing all of your concerns up front, and providing a quality service, with clear pricing.

We’re experienced in deep cleaning all textile types, and also every single soiling problem you can encounter. We’re going to clean your carpet of all filtration soiling, bacteria, dust, soil and dust mites, returning them as close to their original condition as you possibly can.

Our company only works with the most reliable equipment, and of course, the healthiest environmentally safe solvents available. Protecting the health of your family members, and the environment are very important to our company.

When your carpet starts becoming worn, or maybe stained, contact QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaning company in Pinecrest. We guarantee to give you a thorough clean you will tell your friends about.


The QuickerCleaner Guarantee

Our principal goal is your satisfaction. In short, if you are not 100% completely satisfied with your carpeting, inform us anytime within fourteen days and we’ll redo the problem area free of charge.

IICRC Authorized Carpet Cleaning in Pinecrest

The IICRC is a non-profit organization which sets the principle standards for most of the cleaning market. We are IICRC certified, educated to the highest expectations.

nine Point Process

High quality carpet cleaning definitely isn’t easy. Our certified cleaning professionals follow the following nine step system when cleaning your carpeting:

1. Walk-through

Our specialist will conduct a walk through inspection with you to identify questions you may have, carpet construction, soiling conditions and possibly permanent stains.

2. Moving your furniture

We will move your furniture, apart from big or delicate objects, for example large dining tables, bookcases full of books and beds and electronic equipment including TV’s, DVD players and computers. We are going to clean around and under these items. Please move desk items yourself.

3. Vacuum cleaning

We will pre-vacuum your carpeting and rugs employing a commercial vacuum cleaner, to clean out a lot of the dried dirt that is commonly in the material.

4. Preconditioning

Certain spots are preconditioned for maximum removal. If our carpet cleaning technician discovers a stain that involves a time consuming clearing process, he will tell you. For instance, if he finds pet stains, rust, filtration stains or blood.

5. Deep soil extraction

Now that the dirt has been suspended, our truck-mounted hot water extraction unit will rinse the carpets with a biological rinsing agent. The temperature of the water running from our unit will be around 185°F to 200°F.This important step of the cleaning process {sanitizes and even deodorizes} your carpets.

6. Spot removal

In cases where a stain is not completely removed in stage five, specialty spotting practices are employed.

Please also note that our cleaning technician may point out some irreversible staining that unfortunately cannot be removed, generally on older carpeted floors which haven’t been cleaned in a very long time. area rug rubber backing stains and plasticizer migration are examples of irreversible stains.

7. pH balancing

The pH is stabilized on every carpet deep cleaned. This is an extremely important step in the cleaning process, because of the fact that high pH are like magnets to dust. It is usually done during the extraction process, or through a post treatment.

8. Grooming

Your carpet is raked with a carpet rake, so that the pile of the material is lifted. Grooming will help the cleaned floor dry much faster and in the right direction.

9. Power-dry

Our high powered air dryers will quickly dry the carpeting.

Still having second thoughts? Allow me to share our qualifications.

Specialized Training and official certification

Our staff is accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), having various certifications.

State of the Art Technology

Equipment matters when it comes to cleaning. QuickerCleaner uses top of the range, new equipment on every job, to get your floors as clean as humanly possible.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

We’re 100% sure you are going to be thrilled about our work. Give us a call if you have any problems at all, and we’ll re-clean that particular area for free.

9 Step Method

Have we mentioned QuickerCleaner’s tested nine phase cleaning system? Get more information about it above.

Pinecrest residents count on QuickerCleaner to thoroughly clean their carpeting

Our company is a local business offering our services to Miami-Dade County and the city of Pinecrest. We take pride in our profession and love our job.

Family friendly, green cleaning solutions

Our company uses natural compounds, formulated to protect and of course, your family’s health and protect the environment.