carpet-cleaning-kendallWe understand that selecting a trustworthy carpet cleaning company is a nerve-racking process. How will the cleaning turn out? Exactly how long time will it take? Exactly how much will I pay?

Our company wants to make the process more convenient for you by talking about all of your concerns up front, and giving you a hassle-free, quality service, with straight forward prices.

We are experienced in cleaning all material types, be it cotton, acrylic, polyester, wool, nylon or polypropylene, and of course just about every soiling issue you can run into. We are going to rid your carpets of all the soil, dust, dirt, dust mites and bacteria, returning them as close to their original condition as possible.

We only work with the best, advanced tools, and the healthiest eco friendly solvents available. Guarding your family’s health, and our environment are very important to our company.

If you want to have your carpets cleaned in Kendall, QuickerCleaner is here to help you. Call us now for an absolutely free quote, or check out our prices online.

The QuickerCleaner Guarantee

We guarantee our work and work tirelessly for complete satisfaction, and we’ll do everything to achieve our objective. If you are not totally satisfied with your homes carpeting, we shall thoroughly clean the problem area all over again.

IICRC Accredited Carpet Cleaning in Kendall

The IICRC is a body that establishes the guiding standards for most of the cleaning sector. We are IICRC accredited, trained to the strongest expectations.

Precise 9 Phase Method

Consistent with IICRC advised recommendations and years of experience, we perform a nine step cleaning process:

1. The pre-inspection

Our carpet cleaning service starts with a thorough pre-inspection. We will inspect anything of concern, and of course note spotting problems and possibly irreversible stains. You can rest assured knowing that nearly all household spots can be corrected.

2. Getting your furniture ready

Couches, recliners, tables will be moved out of the way by our technician. Larger furniture pieces, for instance bookcases and dressers will not be moved, except when you request this service ahead of time.

3. Vacuuming

We will vacuum your carpeting employing a powerful vacuum to eliminate a lot of the loose soil that’s typically in the material.Clearing away dry soiling is among the a very important phase in carpet cleaning.

4. Pre-treating

A preconditioning agent is sprayed to decompose traffic area soil and other spots for a thorough cleaning. Challenging spots are treated with specialized spotting agents, to help increase the probability of complete removal over the steam rinsing step.

5. Extraction

Once the soil is loosened, our modern truck-mounted extraction machine will clean the carpets using a biological rinsing agent. The temperature of the water running from our unit will be between 170°F – 215°F. Pressure & heat monitored and is actively adjusted so that your carpet is not over-wet.

6. Post spot treatment

If a stain is not totally removed during step five, specialty spot removal methods are implemented.

Note that our technician may point out some permanent stains which unfortunately can’t be removed, generally on older carpets that haven’t been steam cleaned in a long time. area rug rubber backing stains and plasticizer migration are examples of permanent stains.

7. pH neutralizer

We will pH balance every carpet treated. This is actually an especially important step in the cleaning process often overlooked by other carpet cleaning companies, because high pH materials attract dust. It is achieved through the rinse process, or alternatively by using a post spray.

8. Carpet grooming

The nap is groomed in one direction by using a professional carpet rake to quicken the drying process and lengthen the life of your carpet.

9. Quick-dry

Your carpets and rugs may be dried up by the time we finish, thanks to our high powered air blowers.

Why choose QuickerCleaner?

Training and official certifications

Ongoing education is vital in our business, if we are to offer you the best quality cleaning service in your home. This is part of what keeps us on the cutting edge, and ahead of other cleaning companies.

Modern Equipment

Hardware really matters when it comes to cleaning. QuickerCleaner uses top of the range, modern equipment, to get your rugs into the best shape humanly possible.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our company is confident you’re going to love our work. Call us in case you have any problems at all, and we’ll re-clean that particular area at no charge.

Nine Step Carpet Cleaning System

To see to it that your rugs and carpets are thoroughly cleaned, we use a 9 point cleaning process, that will do wonders on your carpets.

Clients from Kendall count on us to thoroughly clean their carpet

Odds are good our company has already cleaned the carpeting and rugs for somebody on your street in Kendall. Quite possibly more than just once.

environmentally safe, family friendly cleaning solutions

Keep your environment free of unhealthy chemicals, protect your loved ones and your pets. Our company uses the very best quality, non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning solutions.