carpet-cleaning-fort-lauderdaleWe fully understand that finding a reliable carpet cleaner might be a nerve-racking undertaking. Precisely how will it all turn out? How long will it take? What will it cost? How much time will it take the freshly carpet to dry?

At QuickerCleaner, we want to make things smoother for you by talking about all of your concerns in advance, and providing a swift, quality cleaning service, with straight forward prices.

We’re experienced in cleaning all textile types, be it polyester, cotton, acrylic or wool, as well as pretty much every soiling issue you may encounter. We will free your carpets and rugs of all bacteria, germs, dirt, dust and filtration soiling, bringing them back as close to their original condition as possible.

Our company uses only efficient accessories, and naturally, the healthiest environmentally safe solutions on the market.

Enjoy the quality of QuickerCleaner carpet cleaning solutions in Fort Lauderdale, and you will find out for yourself the reason why the visible difference between our team and all of the other cleaners is totally obvious.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Guarantee

At QuickerCleaner, our fundamental goal is your full-blown satisfaction. In short, if you are not perfectly satisfied with your cleaned carpeting, let us know within 2 weeks and we will redo the problem area absolutely free.

IICRC Licensed Carpet Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

QuickerCleaner’s cleaning specialists are accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the largest training and standard setting non-profit organization in the cleaning profession. We continuously stay up-to-date with industry technologies and trends, to offer the finest solutions possible.

Meticulous nine Step Process

Based on our industry’s best practices and years of extensive experience, we use a nine step cleaning and rinsing process:

1. Overview

Firstly we will look over the floors to be cleaned, point out any problem areas, for example pet urine, stubborn spots or damaged carpet. When necessary, we’ll talk about the things we can do to address these.

2. Moving of furniture

Couches, stools, tables will be carefully moved out of the way by our technician. Bigger pieces of furniture, for example pianos and beds will not be moved, unless you specifically ask for this service when scheduling your appointment.

3. Pre-vacuuming

Working with commercial grade vacuum cleaners, we are going to deep vacuum and also lift and open up the pile of your carpeting, to clean out the dried out soiling that could have amassed since the previous deep cleaning.

4. Pre-treating

Your carpet will be pre-treated using an appropriate agent, in order to suspend the soil to increase the effectiveness of
steam cleaning.

5. A comprehensive cleaning

Once the soil has been suspended, our truck-mounted deep soil extraction machine will thoroughly flush your carpets using a natural cleaning solvent. The temperature of the water coming from our machinery will be between 190°F – 210°F.

6. Post spot treatment

Any time a spot is not totally removed during step 5, custom stain treatment techniques have to be utilized.

Please take note that we may identify irreversible stains which unfortunately can’t be extracted, generally on older flooring which has not been professionally cleaned in years. Wood finish stains and plasticizer migration are instances of such stains.

7. pH balancing

Each and every carpet that we clean is pH neutralized, therefore there isn’t any pasty residue left behind. It stabilizes dyes and protects against browning.

8. Grooming

Your floors are raked with a carpet groomer to pull up the nap of the carpeting. Grooming helps the carpeting dry more rapidly and in the ideal position.

9. Drying

If there is any residual water in your carpeting, we will turn on our high-powered air dryers to minimize the drying period.

A few reasons why you will want to choose our company’s services.

Training & certification

You don’t want to let just anybody clean your carpets and rugs. They might do more harm than good. We are trained by the IICRC with years of practical experience in carpet cleaning.

Modern Technology

Our company’s certified technicians use the top carpet cleaning machines and agents.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

Our company is 100% sure you’re going to be pleased with our service. Call us if you have any concerns whatsoever, and we will re-treat that particular surface absolutely free.

9 Phase Carpet Cleaning Process

We’ve put together a 9 phase cleaning system, which guarantees to leave your carpets like new.

Lots of returning clients from Fort Lauderdale

Our company is a local small business serving Broward and the city of Fort Lauderdale. We proud ourselves in our profession and love our job.

eco friendly, environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing materials

Keep your household chemical free, protect your loved ones and your family pets. Our company uses the best quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.