We know that finding a trustworthy carpet cleaning company might be a nerve-racking undertaking. How will the whole thing turn out? Exactly how much will I pay? When will the steam cleaned carpet become dry?

We want to make the carpet cleaning process smoother for you, through giving an answer to all of your questions in advance, and providing a high quality service, with transparent pricing.

We are experienced in deep cleaning all carpet types, be it polypropylene, polyester, nylon or wool, and just about every spotting issue you may run into. We can clean your carpet of all the dust, bacteria, soil, filtration soiling and germs, to bring them back as close to their original condition as you possibly can.

Our company only work with highly efficient, modern accessories, and the safest eco-friendly solvents .

Enjoy the high quality of QuickerCleaner carpet cleaning in Coral Springs, and you’ll see for yourself, why the visible difference between our team and all the other cleaners is obvious.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our company guarantees our work and strive for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time and we intend to do everything possible to achieve our objective. If you’re not totally satisfied with your carpets, we’ll clean the problem area a second time.


IICRC Registered Carpet Cleaner in Coral Springs

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is an organization that creates the standards for most of the cleaning profession. We are IICRC licensed, trained and educated to the highest expectations.

9 Stage System

Superior carpet cleaning is not straightforward. Our certified cleaning experts use the following 9 point method when cleaning the carpeting in your home:

1. The pre-inspection

Before anything else we will inspect the floors to be cleaned, point out the problem areas, for example stubborn stains, damaged carpet or pet urine. When necessary, we’ll discuss what can be done to address any issues.

2. Getting your furniture ready

All furniture is moved, except heavier or fragile things, for instance pianos, china cabinets and dressers and electronics for instance stereos, DVD players and TV’s on account of liability. We are going to clean around & underneath these items. Please move dining table items yourself.

3. Vacuum cleaning if needed

Using commercial grade vacuums, we shall vacuum and also lift the pile of your carpeting, to clean out the dried up soiling that may have formed between cleanings.

4. Pre-spray

A suitable preconditioning agent is used and allowed to dwell, to break down soiling and various spots for a complete cleaning. Problematical spots are treated with special spotting solutions for increasing the probability of complete removal in the next phase.

5. Steam cleaning

Using the industry’s top rated hot water extraction gear, we will rinse away the loosened dirt and all contaminants.This stage of the process {sanitizes and also deodorizes} your carpet.

6. Spotting

In the event that a spot or two are not totally taken out during the previous step, special spotting methods are employed.

Please bare in mind that our technician may find some permanent staining that unfortunately cannot be taken out. Generally, this could happen with older carpeted floors which haven’t been steam cleaned in a very long time. Wood finish stains, area rug rubber backing stains and plasticizer migration are instances of permanent stains.

7. pH neutralizer

We will pH balance all of the carpet deep cleaned. This is an incredibly important step, since alkalescent materials attract dirt and dust. It is usually carried out during the course of the rinse process, and sometimes through a post spray.

8. Grooming

Your freshly cleaned floors are groomed with a carpet groomer, so that the yarn of the material is lifted. Grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and at the right angle.

9. Quick-dry

In case there is any leftover water in your carpets, we’ll fire up our high-powered air movers to minimize the time it takes to dry out your carpets.

The reason why we’re the best carpet cleaner in  Coral Springs

Specialized Training and certification

You never want to let just anybody clean your rugs and carpets. They could end up doing more harm than good. We are accredited by the IICRC with many years of practical experience in carpet cleaning.

The Latest Technology

Hardware matters when it comes to cleaning. We use top of the line cleaning equipment on every job, to get your carpeting into the best shape possible.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

Our guarantee means you don’t have to be concerned with any stains reappearing again on your carpet. If you’re not satisfied with our work, we shall return and re-clean the problem area.

9 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Did we mention QuickerCleaner’s tested 9 point cleaning method? Get more information about that above.

Dozens of satisfied customers in Coral Springs

It’s likely that our company has already cleaned the floors for somebody on your street in Coral Springs. Maybe even more than one time.

Natural, environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions

Our company uses green solvents, designed to protect your own, and of course, your family members’ well-being and the environment.