We understand that selecting a reliable carpet cleaning company is often a stressful undertaking. Precisely how will the cleaning turn out? How much money will I pay?

We want to make the process more comfortable for you through talking about your concerns in advance, and delivering a quality cleaning service, with transparent pricing.

carpet-cleaning-lighthouse-pointOur professional technicians are experienced in deep cleaning all fabric types, be it nylon, cotton, wool or polypropylene, as well as every spotting condition you could encounter. We will free your carpets and rugs of all dust, dust mites and filtration soiling, to bring them back as close to their original state as you possibly can.

QuickerCleaner uses only incredibly effective equipment, and of course, the healthiest green solutions . Guarding the health of your family members, and the environment are very important to our company.

Once your carpet start turning worn, and/or tarnished, call QuickerCleaner, your carpet cleaner in Lighthouse Point. We promise to give you a thorough clean you will absolutely love.

Our Company’s Ironclad Guarantee

Our work comes backed by the QuickerCleaner Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In short, if you’re not 100% pleased with our work for any reason, we will clean the area all over again.

IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner in Lighthouse Point

All of our technicians are accredited by the IICRC, the premier academic organization in the carpet cleaning sector. We stay at the top of our game and up to date with industry trends, to provide you with the finest cleaning solutions possible.

Precise 9 Stage Cleaning Method

In line with IICRC proposed suggestions and our company’s extensive experience, we employ a nine step cleaning and sanitizing process, to really get your carpeting clean like never before:

1. Walk-through

To start out we are going to inspect the surfaces to be cleaned and identify any problem areas, such as damaged carpeting, stubborn spots and heavy soiling. If necessary, we are going to discuss what can be done to address these.

2. Moving furniture

We will move your furniture, with the exception of heavier and fragile items, for example dressers, china cabinets, beds, bookcases full of books and pianos and any electronics for instance TV’s, computers, stereos and DVD players. We are going to clean under & around these objects. Kindly move desk items yourself.

3. Pre-vacuuming

Your carpeting and rugs will be fully vacuum cleaned employing a professional vacuum to clear away almost all of the dried out dirt that’s commonly in the carpeting.

4. Preconditioning

Some stains are pre-treated for better extraction. If our carpet cleaning technician discovers a spot that involves a time consuming method of removal, he will discuss it with you. For instance, in the case of magic marker lines, varnish, large ink stains or wine stains.

5. Steam cleaning

Once the soiling has been suspended, our modern truck-mounted deep soil extraction machine will flush your carpeting using a green cleaning solution. The temperature of the water during the extraction process will be approximately 180 – 215°F. Pressure levels and heat is controlled so that your carpet is not over-wet.

6. Spotting

Whenever a spot or two are not entirely removed during the carpet cleaning stage, special spot removal practices have to be employed.

Note that our cleaning technician may find irreparable stains which unfortunately can’t be extracted. Generally, this might happen with older floors which have not been steam cleaned in a long time. Plasticizer migration and wood stains are instances of permanent stains.

7. pH balancing

Each and every carpet our company cleans is pH neutralized, therefore there isn’t any viscid residual deposit left behind. It leaves your carpet feeling soft luxurious and stabilizes dyes.

8. Carpet grooming

We are going to groom your carpet to raise the pile and thus restore that just-like-new look. Additionally, this step will help minimize the length of time it will take the fabric to completely dry and increase the life of your carpeting.

9. Drying

If there is any leftover water in the carpets, we’ll fire up our high-powered air dryers to reduce the time it will take to dry your carpet.

The reason why we are superior to the rivals

Specialized Training and official certification

Continuous training is important in this line of work, if we want to give you the very best quality cleaning service to you. This is essential in keeping our company on the cutting edge, and ahead of our competition.

The Latest Technology

Our specialized technicians are equipped with the most effective cleaning machines and agents.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you will not have to stress about any stains reappearing on your carpet. If you’re not pleased with our cleaning service for any reason, we’ll return to re-clean the area.

Nine Point Process

We’ve put together a 9 phase cleaning system, which will leave your rugs and carpeting looking like new.

Lighthouse Point home owners count on QuickerCleaner to clean their carpets

We are a local family owned and operated business offering our services to Broward and the Lighthouse Point community. We proud ourselves in our profession and love cleaning.

Green, eco friendly cleaning and sanitizing materials

You want to keep environment free of dangerous chemicals, protect your household and of course, your pets. QuickerCleaner uses the very best quality, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning items.