We understand that selecting a responsible carpet cleaner might be a stressful undertaking. How will the whole thing turn out? Just how long time does it normally take? How much money is it going to cost?


Our company wants to make the process more convenient for you through addressing all of your concerns up front, and delivering a quality cleaning service, with transparent rates.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in treating all carpet types, and also pretty much every soiling condition you could possibly find. Let us clean your carpets and rugs of all dirt, soil, germs, bacteria and filtration soiling, bringing them back as close to their original condition as possible.

Our company only use efficient tools, and of course, the safest green agents available. Safeguarding your family’s health, and our environment are of paramount concern to our company.

Experience the standard of QuickerCleaner carpet cleaning services in Weston, and you will find out for yourself, why the difference between our company and the rest of the cleaners is totally obvious.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

At QuickerCleaner, our fundamental objective is your complete satisfaction. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your cleaned carpets, inform us anytime within 2 weeks and we’ll reclean the problem area free of charge.

IICRC Approved Carpet Cleaning in Weston

The IICRC is an organization that creates the principle standards for the cleaning market. We’re IICRC certified, educated to the highest standards.

9 Phase Carpet Cleaning System

High quality and comprehensive carpet cleaning is tricky. Quickercleaner’s certified cleaning technicians use the following 9 phase approach when cleaning the carpets in your home:

1. Overview

Our carpet cleaning service starts off with a thorough walk-through. Our technician will look over any spots of concern, and of course take note of soiling conditions and carpet composition. Don’t worry, nearly all spots can be corrected.

2. Preparation of your furniture

Sofas, stools, coffee tables will be carefully moved out of the way by us. Heavier furniture pieces, for example pianos and dressers will not be moved, except when you request this added service when setting up our appointment.

3. Pre-vacuuming if necessary

Using commercial grade vacuums, we shall deep vacuum and lift and open up the pile of your carpeting, to suck away the dry soiling that may have formed between cleanings.Clearing away dry soiling is one of the an essential step in carpet cleaning.

4. Pre-treating

An appropriate pre-spray is sprayed and left to dwell, to decompose traffic area soiling as well as other spots for a thorough cleaning. Problematical stains are treated with specialized cleaning solvents to improve the probability of complete removal over the deep cleaning phase.

5. A comprehensive cleaning

Now that the soiling has been suspended, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted deep soil extraction machine will clean the carpet with a biological rinsing solution. The water temperature throughout the cleaning phase will be somewhere between 170 to 220°F.

6. Post spot treatment

In the event that a spot is not taken out during the course of the carpet cleaning phase, special spotting methods have to be employed.

Please be aware that our technician may point out irreversible staining that regretfully can not be extracted, in general on older floors which have not been steam-cleaned in a very long time. In particular, these types of stains would be plasticizer migration and wood finish stains.

7. pH balancing

The pH is stabilized on all of the carpet cleaned. This is a very important step in the cleaning process, because alkalescent carpeting attracts dust. It is usually done during the extraction process, or alternatively through a post treatment.

8. Carpet grooming

Your carpeting is groomed using a professional carpet rake, so that the nap of your carpet stands tall. Grooming will help the cleaned floor dry a lot faster and at the correct angle.

9. Drying

Any excess water in your carpets is going to be dried with our air movers.

Reasons why we’re the preferred carpet cleaner in Weston

Training & official certification

Ongoing training is a must in our profession, if we want to deliver the highest quality of cleaning service in your home. This is part of what keeps QuickerCleaner ahead of other companies.

The Latest Technology

We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the absolute best results.


We’re 100% convinced you are going to be thrilled about our cleaning service. Call us if you have any problems, and we’ll re-clean that area at no cost to you.

9 Stage Method

To ensure that your rugs and carpeting are cleaned to the maximum, we have a 9 point cleaning system, that will do wonders on your floors.

Lots of returning clients from Weston

Odds are good our company has cleaned the carpeting for somebody on your street in Weston. Most likely more than just once.

Natural, environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions

The carpet cleaning products we utilize are natural, environmentally friendly and completely safe for your household and your family pets.